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IP deny managed in Cpanel

Now if you are looking for a tutorial that will teach you to use the IP deny managed in cPanel; well then you are looking at the right article. This article will guide you through the entire process through a series of easy steps. However, let us first learn what cPanel is all about. Well, this is an amazing software with plenty of good features that an ideal software is meant to have. The interface of this particular software is loaded with tools that are graphically automated. These tools help the users to go through their business operation very smoothly and also allow them to manage the servers without facing any problems.

IP deny managed in cPanel: Since you are reading this tutorial it can be assumed that you already know how to log in to cPanel and that you are logged in.

1) Firstly you have to locate an option called IP deny manager; once you have located it you have to click on it.

2) After that you have to fill in the IP address that you wish to block(IP deny managed in cPanel); after that, you must click on the option called Add. At this stage, you have become successful in blocking anyone who uses that particular IP address. You even have a list of all the IP addresses that you have managed to block.

3) IP deny managed in cPanel: Now you have to look for an unblock option in case you want to unblock any IP address.

4) IP deny managed in cPanel: You then have to confirm the same by clicking on Remove IP After this the particular IP address has been removed from the block list forever.

This brings us to the end of the tutorial that will teach you to use the IP deny managed in cPanel. So at this point, you have all the knowledge to block any IP address from accessing your website. So now you can simply visit the interface on your cPanel and you can start going through all the features right away. You can get started by accessing the shopping carts, multiple domains, configuring your emails and accessing the databases.

Now you must also know how you can log out of; well this should not be tough at all. you simply have to locate the log out tab and click on it. It is not too difficult to operate the various features on cPanel all you need is a good level of patience to absorb what the software has to offer. You do not need to rush the learning phase as it is very important and there are tons of things that you can really learn. In fact, you can take the time to learn and pick up things at your own pace. It would be wise if you have a relaxed approach towards things; this will help you in ways that you cannot even imagine. You are free to look at other tutorials as well but remember if you are new to this you will take time to get adjusted to the features in the software.

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