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cPanel Auto Responder

How To Use cPanel Auto Responder

So if you are looking for a tutorial that teaches you How to setup cPanel Auto Responder; you have stumbled on to the right article. Before we move into the technicalities let us learn something about the cPanel in short. cPanel is a very useful software that allows the users to utilize automated tools to run business operations very smoothly. So you see that a cPanel plays a very important part in managing server and even looking after certain factors relating to the website.

cPanel Auto Responder: It is assumed that you already know how to log in to the cPanel.

1) You can start out by clicking on the icon that says cPanel Auto Responder. Using this option you can create auto responders that can be used, these auto responders can send emails on your behalf to those who send you mail. This particular function is really great.

2) After you click on the cPanel Auto Responder icon you then have to click on the Add Auto Responder button. In most of the cases, you will have to set the character to utf-8.

3) After that, you will have to enter an email address that you wish to set an autoresponder.

4) You will then be required to fill in the entries for the subject and From fields in your email.

5) You will then have to type in your message in this option

6) After you have entered your message you then have to click on the option that says Create/ Modify.

Follow the tips and that is it your cPanel Auto Responder will be created within a very short time.

So let us say that if someone sends you an email to your email address and email saying out of office will be sent to their email address automatically.

So now we have come to the end of the tutorial and you know how to setup cPanel Auto Responder.

Now you can go back to the interface of your cPanel and check out the various features of your email. In fact, it will be better if you take some time to go over some of the other tabs in your cPanel.

Now you must also know how to log out of your email, now you will see that on the top of the page there is a tab that is called log out. Well, you can be assured that a tutorial on How to setup cPanel Auto Responder. You just need a little bit of patience to try and understand the various aspects of the software. You really do not need to rush the process as you may not be able to grasp all of it the first time around. In fact, you can feel free to take a sufficient amount of time to learn about how to set up an auto-responder in cPanel. You may feel free to look at some of the other tutorials that teach you how to set up an auto-responder in cPanel.

Follow the guidelines in the article and you shall have no trouble in using this feature in the cPanel.

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