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SSL Provider – Comodo Review

Comodo Review

Company introduction – Comodo Review

Comodo is an internet security company that can completely replace Anti viruses such as McAfee among others. The company has further partnered with SSL store to offer clients great SSL certification services to their clients from various parts of the world. Comodo goes a long way in offering internet security solutions as they place the safety and security of their clients online before any thing else. They are leaders in offering internet security and safety solutions to clients.

Key Selling Points


Headquarters: Clifton, New Jersey
Branch Offices: Silicon Valley
International Offices: China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Services Offered – Comodo Review

Comodo Antivirus

Achievements/Awards – Comodo Review

Customers – Comodo Review

No. of Customers: 85 million+ security software installations, 600,000 business clients, and 8,000 partners

Target Customers: mid-sized companies to the world's largest enterprises

What for Customers?

Support: 24.7.365 via telephone, live chat, and even e-mail by local experts. The team provide technical support and also answers general queries. Full trained technicians to handle most Level 1 and 2 support requests. Regular training offered to technical staff and monitored for quality. Hence provides performance, efficiency optimal and consistency.

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