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Cloud Computing Is Growing: Forbes Reports

Cloud Computing Is Growing

Forbes recently published an article that states that more than half of U.S. businesses use cloud computing. When you consider that there are around 6 million businesses within the United States, that “half” number takes on a whole new meaning. We're talking about 3 million (or more) companies using cheap hosting cloud options. Wow.

There are many, many, reasons why companies are switching to the cloud. Mostly, those reasons have to do with cost. Cloud computing options are simply less expensive than hiring an IT department. It's really that simple. Something else is happening too, though. Companies are starting to use more than one cheap hosting solution and some are using more than one cloud service.

The Split Cloud Service Idea

Why are companies using multiple cloud providers? There are a number of excellent reasons. Here are a few:

These are all excellent reasons to seek more than one cloud provider. There are additional reasons as well, and many companies are starting to explore these options. Amazingly, some companies are still cautious about moving to the cloud while others are finding that more than once cloud is the way to go.

Cloud Computing Is Growing: Is the Cloud for You?

You can look at regular cheap hosting providers we review more than a handful of them on this site. But, cloud providers offer many things that others do not. Just be careful that you are truly dealing with a cloud provider, and not a company that uses the word “cloud” loosely.

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