Business Owners as clients of Hosting companies

Online presence is a must for every business, whether small or medium sized. From displaying the product and service information to the e-business, a website is becoming virtual stores. Most companies are targeting Internet visitors for sales. Business Owners as clients of Hosting companies Hosting companies offer the platform and tools to business owners to… Read More

Latest News And Hosting Review OnApp Cloud

The leading cloud management solution for telcos, hosting companies and other service providers. v5.1 introduces a new beta feature – Container Servers which includes full container customisation via CoreOS’s Cloud-Config tool. OnApp v5.1 is available now as a free upgrade to existing OnApp clients, and via a range of starter, professional and enterprise packages for… Read More

How Hosting Companies Are Ranked

How Hosting Companies Are Ranked Hosting users look for performance, price and ease of use in a hosting company. Most web-hosting consumers tend to opt for big-name hosting companies that come with a slew of hosting awards. These awards tend to be handed out by review and rating agencies, and tend to relate directly to… Read More

Restricted or Capped Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting You’ve signed up for unlimited hosting only to find out that your plan comes with a bunch of caps and restrictions  – not so “unlimited” after all. This isn’t a fun thing to discover in the midst of a hosting contract. Typically, those restrictions are buried in the middle of a massive… Read More

Important Web Hosting Criteria

Important Web Hosting Criteria More often than not, small business owners aren’t directly in touch with the web hosting company that they choose. Instead, companies hire tech teams to work with web hosting providers. But, what if the wrong hosting company has been chosen? In this case, there’s not much that you can do to… Read More

Linux Version for VPS for Hosting application, database, and websites

Linux version for VPS VPS originally developed to save when it comes to server expenses. Almost all software can efficiently run and installed on VPS. But, there are some differences. Vmware and Hyper-V frequently used for visualization, but as a result of expense they are not too common — alternatives include OpenVZ,  Xen, and KVM.… Read More

Web hosting Service Providers for PHP Fusion Hosting

PHP Fusion Hosting In the year 2011, Nick Jones aka ‘Digitanium’ invented a new content management system (CMS) with light-weighted open source in PHP, which uses MySQL database to store the contents of a website called PHP Fusion. It includes all essential features that come in every CMS package like: News, Articles, Forums and Photo… Read More

PHP script Hosting for PHP Website

PHP script hosting PHP script hosting is an important website language because of its ease and universal use. PHP makes web development easier. Apart from web development, it is widely used as a general purpose programming language. PHP is installed on around 2.1 million web servers and around 244 million websites and this figure is… Read More

Best cURL Enabled PHP Hosting Options

cURL Enabled PHP Hosting Client Universal Resource Locater (better known as ‘cURL’ amongst hosting providers) is used to help bridge communication and connection between different servers and responded protocols like: HTTP, HTTPS, ftp, gopher, telnet, and Idap. CURL is technically a library function, and webmasters must enable this as part of a coding initiative in… Read More