Latest News And Web Hosting Review Premierwebsitesolutions

Company introduction

Latest News And Web Hosting Review is a web hosting company that was started back 2002.It has data centers located in Canada and in the United States. This company offers clients a variety of hosting services from e-commerce hosting to web hosting and dedicated server hosting among others.

Performance/reliability and uptime report

The company offers a guaranteed network uptime of 99.95%.Their data centers are fully equipped and use the latest and state of the art technologies in the industry. This ensures that their performance and reliability is top notch. On top of that, they use a fiber-optic backbone connection, which makes sure that their hosting is high speed thus very reliable.

Hosting plans offers their clients a variety of web hosting plans from which they can choose. These are Single-page hosting plan, 3-page package, the 5 page basic package, 5 page advanced package and the 10 page ultimate package.

Their e-commerce hosting on the other hand comes with 3 packages; basic e-commerce package, advanced e-commerce package and the complete e-commerce package.

Reseller hosting on the other hand comes with 3 hosting plans; WHR1 hosting plan, WHR5 hosting plan and WHR20 hosting plan.

Domain hosting from this hosting company comes with 3 hosting plans; WHD50, WHD200 and WHD1000 hosting plans.

The e-mail hosting service from this web hosting company comes with 4 hosting packages; the Lite hosting plan, Standard hosting plan, Pro hosting plan and the forwarder hosting plan.

All the above hosting plans come with features such as: 99.95 guaranteed network uptime, nightly back-ups, 24/7 customer support, secure shell, access along with many other great features.

Features and control panel

The hosting from comes with a variety of features. Some of the features included in their hosting are web mail, 30 day-money back guarantee, Perl,PHP4,POP,MySQL, IP addresses, Microsoft FrontPage, red hat, cPanel along with many other excellent features.

Other features include a web based control panel, secure shell access, log file access, FTP access, web stats, SSL, pre-installed CGI scripts, nightly backups and 24/7 customer support for clients, compatible with Real Audio/Video, CGI-BIN, password protected directories and custom error docs just to mention a few.

Their hosting uses the industry renowned web based control panel, cPanel. Their reseller hosting comes with the option of using either WHM or cPanel control panel.


  • The hosting that this hosting company offers their clients is very feature-rich.
  • Clients at hosting company get to choose from a variety of hosting plans.
  • The customer support team from this company is available to cater to clients’ needs 24/7.


This hosting company does not currently offer clients any discount coupons.


The customer support team at the company can be reached 24/7 for any hosting emergencies that many arise. The customer care team at is further more available via phone, e-mail and live chat. On top of clients can access the FAQs section to get further support from this web host.

Cancellation/refund policy

Clients at hosting company are entitled to get a 30-day money back guarantee. This ensures that clients can get a refund in case they are unsatisfied with the hosting services offered by the company.


There are currently no coupons available to clients from this hosting company.

Conclusion is a hosting company that offers speedy hosting with good performance and quality hosting services which makes their hosting quite reliable. The customer support team from the company is available 24/7 to cater to clients hosting needs.

Latest News And Hosting Review

Company Overview

Hosting Review is a web hosting company based in Auckland, New Zealand. This company began offering hosting services to clients in 2005.Openhost offers a variety of hosting services from web hosting to reseller hosting and virtual private servers hosting.

Performance/Reliability and Uptime report

Openhost offers a 99.9% guaranteed network uptime to their clients, which ensures that client websites are online throughout. They use the latest technologies in their data centers, thus ensuring top-notch hosting performance. The customer and technical support teams from the company are available 24/7 making their hosting services very reliable.

Hosting plans

This company offers clients the option of Linux or Windows hosting. Their Linux web hosting uses the latest Plesk Control panel and comes in 4 hosting plans: starter plan, foundation plan, professional hosting plan and ultimate hosting plan. These plans come with features such as green hosting, sub-domains, 7 day support, Python, Perl, PHP, daily data backups, 24/7 server monitoring, MySQL, FTP,99.9% guaranteed network uptime along with many others. Their Windows web hosting also comes in 4 hosting plans: the starter plan, foundation plan, professional hosting plan and ultimate hosting plan. Standard features in all the plans include FTP access, Python, Perl, PHP, daily data backups, 24/7 server monitoring, MySQL, ASP.NET 4.5 and below, Microsoft Access, MS SQL server 2012,MVC3, 99.9% guaranteed network uptime among others.

Clients from the company can choose between Windows reseller and Linux reseller hosting. Windows reseller hosting operates in 4 hosting plans: the starter plan, silver plan, gold plan and platinum hosting plan. Linux reseller hosting on the other hand comes with 4 hosting plans: starter plan, silver plan, gold plan and the platinum hosting plan.

When it comes to Linux VPS hosting, it comes with 4 hosting plans: VPS 512 plan, VPS 1024 plan, VPS1536 plan AND VPS 2084 plan.

The company however is no longer providing Windows VPS services; they recommend that users use Web Drive Cloud servers or enterprise cloud to meet their VPS hosting needs.

Features and Control panel

This company’s hosting services come with a variety of hosting features. These include: FTP access, Python, Perl, PHP, daily data backups, 24/7 server monitoring, MySQL, ASP.NET 4.5 and below, Microsoft Access, MS SQL server 2012,MVC3, 99.9% guaranteed network uptime, green hosting, sub-domains among others.

Other hosting features include PhpMyAdmin, Cron jobs, custom error pages, DNS management, a 14-day money back, unlimited e-mail aliases, e-mail forwarding, unlimited auto- responders, unlimited e-mail accounts, POP3/ IMAP accounts, webmail, Catch-all e-mail, among many other features.


  • The company has a readily available customer support team.
  • Clients get a 14-day risk free money back guarantee.


The company does not currently offer clients any discount coupons.


The customer and technical support teams from the company are available to look after their clients hosting needs 24/7. The customer care desk at the company can be reached via phone, e-mail and live chat.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Openhost offers their clients a 14-dayrisk free money back guarantee. This ensures that clients can get a refund within 14 days if unsatisfied with the services offered by this hosting company.


Good performance and hosting speeds ensure that this web host offers hosting services that are of the highest quality. The customer and technical support team at the company is available 24/7 to look after the needs of their clients.

Latest News And Hosting Review RelateHost

Hosting Review RelateHostHeadquarter: Irving, Texas

Other Offices: Chennai, India

Services Offered: SSD Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Dedicated, web hosting, reseller hosting, Enterprise hosting, domain services or on-demand IT solutions, dedicated servers, shared hosting, SSL certificate and domain name registration services

Target Customers: Hosting solutions to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises worldwide

Data Center Location: Chicago and Austin

Key Selling Points: Offering Top Quality Shared Hosting Services At Wallet, leverages on technological prowess, skilled workforce, state of the art equipment to meet the challenges and demands of customers worldwide, Friendly Prices; diversified service portfolio, prompt and friendly support; reliable, and high on quality and affordability

Support: 24/7/365

Latest News and Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

Company Introduction – Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

Unique Selling Points

  • A leading cloud IaaS and dedicated server hosting provider
  • OnePortal Rapid cloud computing with instant provisioning, scalability, flexible billing and more customizable than bare metals
  • Leading cloud IaaS and dedicated server hosting provider of on-demand dedicated, cloud and hybrid hosting infrastructure and colocation solutions.
  • Most secure data center
  • Features an industry-leading reseller program, and a fully automated client management portal

Data Center: Dallas, Texas

Establishment: 2007

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Data Server Location: Central United States


CEO: Steve Evans
Vice President: Preston Gosdin

Services Offered – Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

cloud IaaS, dedicated server hosting, bare-metal servers, and colocation provider

  • product lineup that includes high end single and dual CPUs or high core-count CPUs
  • 100 GBps of internet capacity, 5+ carriers, and expanded to multiple regions.
  • 100 TB (terabytes) of outbound bandwidth included with all normal stock dedicated server packages
  • High-end network, and diverse software licensing options



Hosting Review LimestoneNetworksIt offers cloud hosting with 100% SSD storage and rapid failover. The company provides superior customer service along with great hosting experience and rock solid network infrastructure. Apart from this, enterprise-grade hosting solutions also provided by the company. They provision dedicated servers in less than 4 hours and cloud servers in minimum 5 minutes. Their management portal is developed with a simple interface to powerful and advanced feature-rich tools. Moreover, LSN uses quality hardware for hassle-free services. They have monthly, and pre-ticket management plans as well that provide software support as per customer’s needs. Hosting features include DDoS protection, excellent uptime, reliable, low latency, protected power grid, 100% SSD storage, 24.7 servers monitoring and much more.


Company Overview

Cloud hosting has been offered from 2014. “Simple, Solid and Superior” is the motto of Limestone Networks. The goal is less focus on making money and more on making their customers successful. As a host, the Company provides dedicated server hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and cloud hosting. Limestone Networks strives to meet the diverse needs of hosting with free storage space and managed or unmanaged options. Upgrading services like DDoS Protection, Server Management, Operating Systems, Software Licensing along with managing Server Management, Per-Incident Management and Server Migrations are rendered. Additional services include: Resell Hosting, Game Servers, eCommerce, Web Hosting and App Development.

Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks – Customers

Target Customers: Small Businesses and Enterprises

What for Customers?

  • Enterprise grade dedicated hosting
  • The user has the option to customize the hosting plan. It caters the diverse hosting needs.
  • Clearance servers are available for low prices.
  • There are numerous core configurations to select.
  • The customers can virtualize, containerize, and cloud-enable their applications
  • Rich hosting features, top notch security at an affordable price.

Support Availability: 24/7/365 via Phone, Chat, and Trouble Ticket System with a response time of fewer than 9 minutes. Support services include multi-layered physical security, triple redundancy, and premium bandwidth carriers. Also, Knowledgebase Center and company blog available.

Uptime: 99.9%. This percentage is not subjected to scheduled maintenance or acts of God. A Certain amount of credit is done to the client’s account depending upon the downtime. 99.8% attracts 10% credit, whereas 99.7%, 99.6% and 99.5% attracts 20%, 30% and 40% of credit respectively.

Recent News: Limestone Networks Announces Launch Of friendly and feature rich, OnePortal Rapid platform to consume cloud and bare-metal server hosting services. (More Info…)

Limestone Networks Plans – Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

Limestone Networks offers dedicated server hosting with three plans: Single Processor, Dual Processors and Quad Processors. The features provided are: 32 – 512 GB RAM, 8 – 32 cores, 4 – 6 hard drives, up to 4TB per drive and 10TB bandwidth included. Additional features include: Fast Provisioning, Tier 1 Carrier, DDoS Protection and Robust Control Panel.

Cloud Servers consist of four plans that vary according to price and features. It provides 5 MB – 4 GB Memory, 5 – 50 GB SSD Storage, 1 – 2 Core Processor, 5TB Transfer and 1Gbps Uplink. SSD Storage, KVM Virtualization, Gigabit Standard, Fully Redundant, Local + SAN Storage and easy deploy (in 5 minutes) is inclusive.

Features and Control Panel – Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

  • Quick setup: in less than 5 minutes for cloud and 4 hours for dedicated servers.
  • OnePortal designed with a simple interface.
  • Certified Hardware and easy replacement policy.
  • Management Options
  • DDoS Protection is available up to 20Gbps and 2 million packets per second.
  • Reliable, Low Latency
  • Protected Power Grid
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • High-Availability


  • Dedicated hosting is the only option for the user to select.
  • The plans are more expensive than plans from other providers.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation, the customer needs to notify the company at least five days prior to the billing renewal date. This request is to be submitted via support ticket. After the cancellation date all client data is destroyed. In case cancellation notice is not provided within five days, a termination fees of $25 is charged, which is to be paid within 15 days. Reseller account holders have the liberty to cancel their servers up to 24 hours with additional charge of termination fee of $25.

Contact : sales(at)limestonenetworks(dot)com


OnePortal Rapid platform – Hosting Review LimestoneNetworks

Limestone Networks Announces Launch Of friendly and feature rich, OnePortal Rapid platform to consume cloud and bare-metal server hosting services.

  • Based on open-source Openstack software to facilitate complete hosting automation through a standard API, instant provisioning, scalability, flexible billing and a robust variety of services and applications backed by SSD.
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Customers facilitated to attach additional volumes of magnetic disk-based Virtual machines
  • Data replicated on three servers for seamless restoration of service to instances in the event of hardware failure, zero-downtime maintenance windows, and more efficient resource management to maintain peak performance.
  • Provision for Redundant power and network on every instance and dedicated server
  • Implementation of ‘pay as you go' billing model starting $0.02 per hour, which clients can scale cloud and dedicated servers up and down dynamically.
  • Clients can create Snapshots of servers and volumes and cloned as needed.
  • Clients can upload RAW virtual machine images for private use
  • DDoS protected IPs and Limestone Private High speed network interfaces are available on all servers with minimum speed of 20Gbps. Bandwidth between servers is free.
  • IPv6 is standard on public internet interfaces.
  • Firewalls (security groups) are available and clients can use these to protect instances from unwanted malicious traffic while dynamically allowing desired services through use of the API or web interface.
  • OnePortal Rapid leverages Bitnami application images (include WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Gitlab, and more) to enable one-click launching of instances with applications pre-installed and ready for use.
  • Immediate deployment of various supported OS such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and CoreOS.

Latest News And Hosting Review Onpub Hosting

Onpub Hosting Introduction

Hosting Review Onpub HostingHere is an introduction about Onpub Hosting, read to know more. Web hosting is nothing but a method of allowing people to access websites using the internet. Such services are usually offered by companies over the internet. Most service providers offer very reliable services through various mediums.

Onpub Hosting Plans Types

There are many types of web hosting services that are available, Free hosting services are provided numerous service providers; however these services offer very limited features. These services are also supported by many advertisements. The name of the service provider is included in the domain name. Paid services are what most people sign up with. As a customer you will have to pay a monthly fee or a yearly fees. A service provider offering paid services usually have services priced at a wide range so that customers with various budgets can afford them. When you go for paid services you can remove any adverts and you can also enjoy a wide range of services.

Shared hosting is another type of hosting that is very popular amongst the people. This kind of hosting service will allow the users to share server, the ram and CPU with other users. The charges for these services are usually not expensive. Reseller hosting on the other hand have allowed a website to provide hosting services to another website and get paid in return. Virtual private seller has gained substantial amount of popularity too. This hosting service offers high level of security to the users.

Dedicated Hosting on the other hand give the users total control over the server. This too is a paid service and is quite popular with the users everywhere. As a user you will have to shoulder the sole responsibility of securing and maintaining the operations of the server. Managed hosting provides unique web hosting services. The only down side is that the users are not given full control over the functions of the server. Apart from the usual services provided by the various service providers; grid hosting, clustered, collocation and cloud hosting are some of the services that are given to the customer. There are also various hosting services that are available for images, files and blogs. Such services often require tools and special methods. To avail such services it is very important to hire the services of a reliable service provider. Now it is no secret that the market is filled with numerous service providers and you have exercise a certain amount of caution in hiring the services of a company. You must carry out a comparative study between various service providers based on the price and services that each of them provide.

To get the very best in web hosting you can go for Onpub Hosting; Onpub is a system that provides a lot of flexibility and helps to manage web hosting very easily. This is written MySQL and PHP. CKEditor is used to provide the best services to the customer. Onpub Hosting can do away with all technical difficulties within a short time. Follow the tips properly so that you can use Onpub Hosting to the fullest to get proper results.