Web Hosting Account Verification: Important Steps To Avoid Fraud Or Abuse

Web Hosting Account Verification If you are a cheap web hosting company, you have probably been the victim of fraud or abuse at some point. It’s easy to see why this is common: it’s easy to set up a cheap hosting account using a hacked credit card number, or even PayPal account, using that web… Read More

A Primer On Mobile Security Threats

A Primer On Mobile Security Threats We are talking a lot about mobile website development. It’s becoming more and more important as more users are turning to their smartphones for information rather than their desktop. It’s instant gratification – they can get the information they need no . Along with this new way to receive… Read More

Hosting Fail: Distribute.IT

Hosting Fail: Distribute.IT If there’s one thing we’ve stressed in numerous articles here at Ananova, it’s that you need to ensure you’re keeping your own backup copies of your files rather than putting all of your trust into your cheap hosting provider. It’s a form of security. If something were to happen, it’s nice to… Read More

Ubisoft Login Data Compromised

Ubisoft Ubisoft, creator of popular games such as Assassin’s Creed and the Just Dance series, has revealed its cloud hosting database containing user account information was compromised by hackers. As such, all users are encouraged to change their passwords at once. “We recently discovered that one of our web sites was exploited to gain unauthorized… Read More

20% Of WordPress Plugins Are Vulnerable

20% Of WordPress Plugins Are Vulnerable Just when you thought your WordPress blog was safe, a new string of WordPress plugin attacks happens.  Checkmarx, a security company, has just released a report stating that 12 out of the 50 most popular WordPress plugins are highly susceptible to attacks. What kinds of attacks? Namely, QL injection… Read More

Have You Thought About Hosting Security?

Many factors go into choosing a great web hosting. You probably want a cheap web hosting company, one the comes with a domain, and plenty of perks, right? But, have you thought about security features? No matter what web hosting company you select, you should watch out for the following five hosting security features –… Read More