BitTorrent’s Highly Secure Messenger Service

BitTorrent’s Highly Secure Messenger Service BitTorrent announced today in a blog post that the company plans on making a completely secure chat messaging service. How secure? Completely secure. So secure that nobody but the sender and recipient can actually read a chat message. Wait — regular chat messages aren’t secure? Not in the least! Does… Read More

African Startups Are Working on Internet Security

African Startups Working on Internet Security Aside from the occasional YouTube video from John McAffee, the Western world doesn’t hear much about security startups. But, these startups are booming in Africa. As the Internet continues to expand and mobile phones become something vital, African startups are focusing on security matters now more than ever before.… Read More

Apple Releases NSA Request Details

Apple Releases NSA Request Details Apple has released the company’s first transparency report yesterday. This report details what the NSA asked from the company over the past few years – kind of. You see, the NSA won’t let Apple (or any other company, for that matter) disclose specific details. What Apple can tell you is… Read More

The NSA: We Need What We Love to Hate

I know it’s hard not to hate the NSA. But, what if the NSA is needed? I realize it’s tough to believe, though it is true. The United States needs a National Security Agency in order to ensure that citizens are safe – and that the country is shielded from outside infiltration. So, the question… Read More

Ten Ways You Can Be Tracked

You Can Be Tracked Can I have a show of hands? Who’s feeling a bit paranoid ever since the NSA news spread? Are you feeling better now that this news has quieted down a bit? We haven’t heard much about the NSA in a few weeks, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the government has… Read More

How the FBI Found the Silk Road – Maybe

How the FBI Found the Silk Road How do you see something that’s invisible? That’s the question that hackers around the globe want to know when it come to the Silk Road. You see, the Silk Road could only be found through Tor, and all sites found through Tor are supposed to be relatively invisible… Read More

Cyber-Crime: How Much Focus Is Necessary?

Cyber-Crime: Government shutdown or not, the United States Department of Justice is hard at work. While the majority of the government is placed on furlough, the DOJ has brought charges against 13 members of “Anonymous” for their attack against various websites like banks and government agencies. It seems they aren’t so Anonymous anymore! The DOJ… Read More

Millions of Adobe Accounts Hacked

Adobe Accounts This is the kind of story that we don’t like to report. Why? Because it proves all of our posts to be absolutely true. Isn’t that a good thing? For us, yes. For you, no. Here’s the scoop. Adobe reported last night that millions of user accounts have been hacked. Was personal information… Read More

Occupy.Here: A Safe and Secure Router Option

A Safe and Secure Router Option If TOR is no longer a safe browser to use, how can you be sure that the information you are sending or researching is kept from government eyes? This is a question that many people within the United States want answered now, but it’s really not a simple question… Read More

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution Eccentric millionaire John McAfee has a solution to NSA spying. McAfee has devised a device that creates small networks that are virtually impenetrable by the NSA. These networks will span approximately three blocks, and the only people that can sign into the networks are those that are part of… Read More

HostGator New CodeGuard Cloud Backup Feature: Worth A Look!

Yesterday, HostGator sent out a newsletter announcing the implementation of a service called ‘Code Guard.’ Essentially, Code Guard is HostGator new cloud backup service, and it’s a really great idea. Here’s a closer look at ‘Code Guard.’ HostGator: Inside Code Guard HostGator’s graphic and great video describes ‘Code Guard’ as a “time machine for your… Read More

How the U.S. Government Keeps Sites Safe

U.S. Government Keeps Sites Safe When cyber attacks hit close to home, we all tend to feel a bit less secure. Like, for example, the time that the NY Times website was shut down by hackers this past August. When government sites go through similar attacks, it can seem like the government is not taking… Read More

Mozilla Working Toward Tighter Web Security

Mozilla Working Toward Tighter Web Security Mozilla wants to make the Internet a place where users can feel a lot safer. Browser security has been a bit of an issue, and there have been accusations of NSA backdoors. Mozilla wants to remind users that they are against this government practice, and figure the best way… Read More

Ways to Avoid Cybersquatting

Ways to Avoid Cybersquatting Cybersquatting is something that’s a big problem. Anyone can misrepresent you company by setting up a website with a cheap hosting company that looks and acts just like yours. The difference is, of course, that those imposters can tarnish your name in minutes. Cybersquatting can’t really be stopped, but there are… Read More

XKeyscore: A New Government Spying Tool Revealed

XKeyscore: A New Government Spying Tool Revealed Have you ever heard of  XKeyscore? It’s the National Security Agency’s best kept secret program. What does it do? Oh, not much. It just keeps track of your browsing, emails, surf patterns, chats, metadata – pretty much everything you do online. XKeyscore is the latest break in the… Read More

Guest Post: General Security Recommendations for Webmasters

Guest Post: General Security Recommendations for Webmasters This is a guest post written by Oleksandr Nadtoka, Linux expert (see his bio below). It is not a secret that most hacker attacks are usually done through website software vulnerabilities. Things like blogs, forums, CMS, or any other PHP-based application are open to hacks. Hosting providers cannot… Read More

US Owned Or Not: Feds Can Seize Your Domain

Feds Can Seize Your Domain Think that just because your cheap hosting site is based in Canada that you won’t face the wrath of the US government if you do something you shouldn’t on your domain? If your cheap hosting site is up to no good, you might want to pay attention. The case of… Read More

Someone’s Using Your Network: Quick Fixes

Someone’s Using Your Network: Quick Fixes We all know that securing a network is really important. Whether at home or at work, any network you use should be entirely secure inside and out. But, sometimes, no matter what we try to do, networks can become compromised. This becomes a really big deal when the person… Read More

Google Could Know Your Wi-Fi Password

Your Wi-Fi Password accessible by Google Recently, Micah Lee, staff technologist for EFF and the project maintainer of HTTPS Everywhere, posted an interesting topic in the “Issues” section of the Android Open Source Project. As he has a solid understanding about the power of encryption on the Internet, his suggestion was definitely not to be… Read More

MaskMe: Keeping Your Personal Data Safe On The Internet

MaskMe: Keeping Your Personal Data Safe Today, we do so very much online. Increasingly, our personal data is all over the Internet. Whether shopping online, managing your cheap hosting website, or conducting banking transactions, you want to be assured your data is safe. Online privacy company Abine points out the three things Internet users think… Read More