Apache web server shaping and making the World Wide Web

Apache web serverApache is the most common web server available (after Microsoft's IIS). It has been in operation since 1996. 60% of all websites use Apache web server, making it more widely used than all other Web servers combined. The reasons behind its popularity are:

  1. Free download and installation.
  2. open source: source code available to anyone. So, a user can alter, optimize it, and fix errors and security holes.
  3. Suitability: Apache used for small websites or large websites alike. It can supply both static and dynamic content.
  4. Easy to remove Not required Functions and operations

What is Apache Web Server?

The Apache HTTP server is software that works in the background under an appropriate operating system. The OS supports multitasking and provides services to other applications connected to it, such as client web browsers.

  • Developed to work with Linux/Unix operating systems. Also, adapted to work with other systems, including Windows and Mac.
  • Apache binary running under UNIX called httpd (short for HTTP daemon), and under win32 Apache.exe.
  • Installing Apache on Linux require some programming skills. Whereas it is easy to install on a Windows platform through a graphical user interface.

A basic Apache's original core contains a limited number of features. Modules add functionality and extend's server capabilities. Module installation requires a restart of the Apache server. Functions not required can easily remove. It keeps the server compact and fasts to load, consumes fewer system resources and memory. Hence, make it less prone to security holes. The Apache server integrates with other open sources applications, such as PHP and MySQL.

Apache server offers usage of various protocols through different ports like

  • hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
  • simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)
  • domain name service (DNS) and file transfer protocol (FTP).
  • file transfer protocol (FTP)

Working with Apache Web Server

Apache's primary role is all about communication over networks. It uses TCP/IP protocol allowing devices with IP addresses within the same network to communicate with one another. In its idle state, Apache listens to the IP addresses identified in its config file (HTTPd.conf). Whenever it receives a request, analyzes the headers. Consequently, applies the rules specified for it in the Config file, and performs accordingly.

One server can host many websites, and each website assigned a different name by using virtual hosts.

Since IP addresses are difficult to remember, visitors usually type domain names into the URL address box. The browser links to a DNS server, which translates the domain names to their IP addresses. The returned IP address taken by the browser and connects to it.

A hosted website has four main directories: htdocs, conf, logs, cgi-bin. The directories names differ from one server to another depending on the Apache theme installed. Althoughthe operating system roles remain the same.

Apache has been the topmost web server on the internet for a long time. It played a prominent role in shaping and making the World Wide Web. The reasons behind its success are apparent and sensing the present conditions, and it will probably stay in the lead.

Content Delivery Network to access website frequently

content delivery networkAbout Content Delivery Network

CDN (Content Delivery Network) delivers content using the network to your users and visitors. Acts as a mediator between clients or customers and business.

The system of computers interconnected allows users or visitors to access website frequently. It offers content of web or internet through duplicating parts of a website or as a whole on more than one server.

Mostly content such as video, images, audio, text etc. hosted by CDN.  It stores more than one copy of web content on servers across the world. Also, used for the users as a content stored closer for them.

Benefits of Using a Content Delivery Network

If CDN has more servers it proves very efficient and effective and thus offers several benefits, as follow:

  • Reliable delivery of the content
  • Offer optimal protection from the traffic surges, web hackers and prevent shortage of internet
  • Prompt and reliable web browsing experience
  • SEO ranks higher
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Large no. of customers, visitors, sales and leads
  • Increased rate of conversion
  • Reducing down times

Customer Satisfaction & Conversion Rates

A primary goal of every organization is to satisfy customers. The speed of browsing website must be excellent and quite high. People judge your products and services on website performance basis i.e. quality of content and most important is its speed.

Thus, focus on increasing browsing speed as it converts visitors into leads then to customers and sales and finally into profit.

It allows users to gain safe and prompt browsing web experience. Two steps include:

  • Implement best practices for enhancing network performance
  • Integrate CDN with website

It helps in optimizing code of your site, a size of the payload and browser rendering. It makes user and mobile friendly, by reducing DNS lookups and by maximizing bandwidth and others.

SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization is a method by which websites become accessible on a priority basis to visitors searching site or related content by typing it in a search engine. If your website has more value, it becomes visible on top of search engine results.

If someone wants to know the value of their website, page speed considered as one of the main factors in determining this. And we all know that both Google and Bing give preference to the optimized sites.
If you sign up for CDN, you can be sure that your website will not go behind.

Take Load off Your Hosting & Minimize Downtimes

Most big organizations delayed in delivering the content to a large number of people who tried to access their info or hit buttons at same time. Here CDN may help them and deliver content to each of them without any delay. Hence, considered as a backup for your site content.

Its main advantage is that it reduces the loading time of your site and deliver content on instant basis.

Why Should You Use a Content Delivery Network?

As we all know, good and prompt web browsing is essential for a good website. It affects its visitors later customers to a great extent. If the speed of browsing your website is fast, Google and other search engines display your site on a priority basis in search engine results. And to offer good browsing experience to users is just as it attracts a large number of people. In brief, browsing speed of page has some major effects on:

  • Rate of Conversion
  • SEO rankings
  • Quality of the Website
  • User experience

Content Delivery Network Improve User Experience

A CDN loads your website in just no time, thereby helps you to gain more customers. It is seen that if site loads in more than 2 sec, people discard it. So, CDN improves your user's experience by boosting the speed of your site, leads to increasing the conversion rate.

Content Delivery Network & Conversions

CDN boost loading speed of your site on mobiles as well as on a desktop, thereby increasing a rate of conversion of e-commerce.

Content Delivery Network Improve Page Rank

Websites which wishes to rank higher in SEO, so people visit them first, for them CDN is a good option. It improves your site rank by reducing the loading or browsing time of your site, as SEO consider the sites with less browsing time more efficient and rank them on top of the list.

Content Delivery Network and Website Quality

People are mostly looking for sites where they can get high browsing speed with high quality. So, if CDN is implemented on site and increases browsing speed of your page, your credibility will be boosted.

Overall, CDN improves your website quality and helps you to gain maximum customers in minimal time. You can use CDN so as to assist your organization in reaching its complete potential.

Latest News and Hosting Review Atlantic

Hosting Review Atlantic

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Atlantic

Hosting Review AtlanticKey Selling Points

  • Global web hosting provider
  • cloud hosting company
  • SSAE 16 (SOC 1) TYPE II (Formerly SAS 70) audited data centers

Headquarters: Orlando in the U.S

Data Center Locations: San Francisco, New York, London, Toronto, Dallas and Orlando

  • deploys Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers


CEO: Marty Puranik

Services Offered – Hosting Review Atlantic

Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD server hosting, cloud hosting

Other Services Offered

  • Business associate agreement
  • Fully protected firewall, anti-virus protection, two-key authentication
  • Intrusion detection system, IP reputation
  • Blended bandwidth, encrypted back up storage and
  • VPN, log management

Hosting Review Atlantic – Customers

What for Customers?

  • The company provides developer-friendly cloud hosting with full managed environments and security and compliance.
  • Reliable and Scalable
  • Flexible and Innovative cloud services
  • Fast and high quality hosting
  • HIPAA compliant hosting for their clients

Uptime: 100% service-level agreement (SLA). They use RAID Redundant Storage architecture ensures that clients’ servers and apps are up and running when components let you down

Support: 24.7.365 via live chat, phone and e-mail by best experts

Latest News – Hosting Review Atlantic

  • (July 18, 2017) Tapped Trend Micro to back Managed Hosting Solutions with the Deep Security Suite. Trend Micro’s data center and cloud-optimized security techniques available to managed-hosting customers consolidate multiple security controls under central management. It protects client's servers by applying an instant “virtual patch” to servers, virtual desktops, and application vulnerabilities.
  • (May 26, 2017) Announced support for Windows Server Containers in the Cloud, which enables users to package applications into images and run on any Windows 2016 Server. It eliminates “it works on my machine” problem once and for all. Package dependencies with apps in Docker containers, for portability and predictability during development, testing, and deployment. Isolating apps in containers helps to eliminate conflicts, enhance security, and makes it easy to scale deployments as needed.

Latest News and Hosting Review MediaTemple

Hosting Review MediaTempleHosting Review MediaTemple

Hosting Review MediaTemple – Company Introduction

Latest News and Hosting Review MediaTempleKey Selling Points

  • The company's build approach “always up, always fast, always easy and always human.”

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Establishment: 1998 by Demian Sellfors and John Carey. In 2013 it got acquired by GoDaddy and keep it operating as an independent company.


Vice President Marketing: Lou Kikos

Hosting Review MediaTemple – Services Offered

  • Grid-based shared hosting service, which starts from $30/mon.
  • WordPress Hosting, starting price $20/mon with a 1-click installation.
  • VPS, AWS cloud, and managed hosting options

Other Services Offered: 30-day file backups, at least 1TB bandwidth, malware detection and removal, and custom dashboards.

Establishment: 1998

Hosting Review MediaTemple – Customers

Target Customers

  • web designers, developers, app publishers, creative agencies, and enterprises.
  • The company clients range from top tier web designers, favorite blogs, and online creative communities, to global advertising agencies and major brands.

No. of Customers: 125,000+ people and businesses in 100 countries rely on our web and cloud hosting services to power over one million websites.

Customer Support

  • U.S.-based customer support available 24.7.365
  • Available via live chats, around-the-clock phone lines, and email. Incredible knowledge base, which allows you to resolve almost any issue on your own.

What for Customers?

  • Greater performance and reliability Removes the risk of traffic bottlenecks by providing dedicated resource container (RAM & Storage) for user's databases.
  • Enhanced speed and security: Provides tools such as Web application firewall (WAF), malware monitoring and removal for up to five sites, and global Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Setting and managing a website is comfortable with fully optimized custom control panels.

Hosting Review MediaTemple – Latest News

  • (July 19, 2017) Announced partnership with SoDA Community as exclusive Hosting Partner. The company would participate in a broad range of member programs and thought leadership initiatives, including SoDA's Global member meeting for agency founders and principals, the SoDA Academy for agency practice leaders, The SoDA Report trend publication and more. The Media temple would provide a digital strategy (ideas, resources) to SoDA's members and bring their vision to life.SoDA: A member based global network and voice for digital business leaders, entrepreneurs, creative visionaries, and technology innovators. The community works hand-in-hand with partners to accelerate the growth and success of some of the world’s leading digital agencies, production studios and digital product and service design consultancies. Thus, creating the future of marketing and digital experiences. It enables collaboration between member companies by providing leadership, platform infrastructure, processes, and products.
  • (April 12, 2017) Media Temple added a new tier to Grid its New Managed Shared Hosting for Database-Intensive Websites primarily e-commerce.

Hosting Review – AltusHost

Key Selling Points

  • European Web Hosting Company

Services Offered: VPS (Virtual Private Servers) with DDoS, Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection, Managed web hosting services
Hosting Features: Remote backup, spam protection, high uptime, money back and more. Moreover, SSL certificates with many features such as fast issuance time, industry-leading support, best value on the market, malware scanning and more.

Visit Site

Establishment: 2008

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Data Centers: Sweden, Netherlands

Uptime: 99.9%

Support: 24.7.365 by well qualified, trained, experienced and motivated workforce

Target Customers

  • Individual and small sized businesses for web hosting
  • VPS hosting is ideal for medium size businesses

No. of Customers: 10,000+ customers worldwide

What for Customers?

  • The company offers high-quality services at affordable prices with high customer satisfaction.
  • The company uses high-quality hardware for network and servers to provide world class services. The company lay emphasis on high uptime, fastest servers, and guaranteed support.
  • The company offers the money back guarantee with free migration.

Latest News

  • (June 07, 2017) AltusHost Upgrades ALL Web Hosting & VPS Hosting to SSD Storage across all tiers of service.

Visit Site