Latest News and Hosting Review Milesweb

Hosting Review Milesweb

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Milesweb

Latest News and Hosting Review MileswebKey Selling Points:

  • A Cloud and managed WordPress hosting provider in India


Co-Founder & Director: Chinmay Dingore
Founder: Deepak Kori
Parent Company: MilesWeb Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

Services Offered – Hosting Review Milesweb

  • Customized hosting solutions, Shared Hosting, Managed Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSL, and Domain Name Registration Services
  • Softaculous Auto Installer with their shared hosting cPanel plans to the Indian customers.

IaaS and PaaS Cloud platform

Pay-per-Use cloud platform featured with: automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, elastic compute, server load balancing, Docker containers, resource orchestration, DevOps automation and immediate application deployment
Plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise

Other Services Offered:

  • Free WHMCS with All Unlimited Reseller Hosting Packages
  • Free domain reseller account and payment gateway for the reseller hosting clients

Hosting Features: Free SSL certificates, SSD powered hosting, daily backups, and free website migration

Hosting Plans

Web hosting offers great features such as Unlimited Host Domains, Web Site Builder, cPanel Control Panel, 1 Click Install of Apps like WordPress, Joomla, etc., No agreement, Free Dedicated SSL, Softaculous & SEO, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Free Email Accounts, Money back guarantee, etc. Add-ons are SSL Certificate, Sitelock, Dedicated IP and much more.

Reseller hosting offers Dedicated IP & Private SSL for free, host unlimited domains, Windows or Linux, cPanel –Plesk/WHM, No Contract, etc.

Windows hosting offers Plesk Control Panel, 30 Days money back guarantee, no contract, Domain Name, E-Mail accounts & Instant setup for free, Unlimited SQL Databases, ASP and ASP.NET Support with others.

cPanel hosting offers free dedicated SSL, free domain name, free email accounts, PHP & MY SQL, E-Commerce Website builder, SEO & Softaculous tool, unlimited FTP Accounts, installation of apps without any contract & with daily backups & money back guarantee and so many.

Affordable hosting plans offers Free Web Site Builder, cPanel Control Panel,1 Click Install WordPress, Joomla, etc. without any Contract, instant hosting, softaculous, daily backups.

Applications Supported: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento

Customers – Hosting Review Milesweb

What for Customer?

  • Provider of simple, user-friendly, flexible and affordable web hosting services
  • The reseller hosting packages powered with LiteSpeed provides lightning fast hosting speed. Hence, 20x times faster website performance.
  • Promising cloud platform with supreme attributes.

Target Customers: small, medium and enterprise businesses

Support: 24.7.365

Uptime: 100% SLA

Latest News

  • (October 02, 2017) Introduced Revolutionary Pay-Per-Use Auto-Scaling Cloud Platform with rapid deployment. A platform is working according to the client's resource requirements. It ensures the customer paying only for real resource usage and eliminates vendor lock-in. Hence providing a cost-effective way to handle large or unpredictable workloads. Users can scale-up and down without any manual intervention or downtime.
  • (January 09, 2017) MilesWeb now offers Webuzo as the Control Panel for Managed WordPress solution

Latest News and Hosting Review Servint

Hosting Review ServintHosting Review Servint

Introduction -Hosting Review Servint

Key Selling Points

  • Affordable Hosting Solutions and Services Personalized for Businesses
  • Personalized Hosting Solutions at Your Service
  • Trusted infrastructure provider for over 20 years bringing deep domain expertise, continuous innovation, and lasting value to its customers
  • Providing flexible, affordable range of infrastructure solutions, support, tailored and professional services that deliver performance, security, agility, and business growth to its clients

Establishment: 1995


CEO: Reed Caldwell

Services Offered – Hosting Review Servint

  • Global Cloud Services
  • delivering public, private, and hybrid hosting solutions ranging from VPS and dedicated hosting support packages to customized capabilities and managed services.
  • Managed Support and Professional Services: support packages to customized capabilities and managed services
  • IaaS Provider
  • Single-tenant HA Dedicated Servers

Flex Core Package

  • RAM 16 GB, HDD 750 GB Price $189
    RAM 16GB, HDD 750 GB with 150 GB SSD, Price $199
  • RAM 64 GB, Bandwidth 1.5TB, RAID 10, Price $449

Other Services Offered: off-server backups, LAMP stack, cPanel/WHM

Customers – Hosting Review Servint

Target Customer

  • Business and IT leaders, web-hosts, eCommerce providers, SaaS and software developers, free-lancers and full-service marketing agencies
  • Small, medium and large enterprises across industries such as financial services, retail, gaming, media, marketing, and healthcare

What for Customer?

  • Enhanced Performance, Power and Value: websites pages load faster, quicker and easier. Hence visitors stay for longer periods of time. Provides SSD Hard drive to give faster read and write times, Time To First Byte (TTFB), and higher data transfer rates.
  • Scalability: Clients can upgrade and downgrade their server’s RAM and storage seamlessly. No reboot required to perform an upgrade. The company provides substantially more resources and features than traditional bare metal solutions.

Uptime Guarantee: 99.999%

Latest News – Hosting Review Servint

  • (September 08, 2017) Adds Reimagined Flex Dedicated Servers To Product Lineup providing leading edge hardware. Also, provides On-Board hard drive options, increased software offerings.

Premium Business Email Hosting Provider

Business Email Hosting ProviderEmail solutions to enhance user's email experience and improve message management.

Almost every of the business is online and rely on email services. It leads to concern on issues such as security, spam, and instant inbox delivery. To deal with companies are ready to avail outsourced paid email services such as Office-365 and G-suite.

Email Client MailBird – Business Email Hosting

Available in both free and professional versions with annual and lifetime purchasing options.
Free Version: Allows for one mailbox configuration per installation
Professional Version: supports multiple accounts and advanced features


  • Provides personalization and customization features
  • Productivity features include an email speed reader, unified inbox, folders/labels, snooze, touchscreen support, and shortcuts.
  • It supports the latest encryption protocols. Hence, providing secure message handling between the server and client.
  • Respects the privacy of its users and never scans the content of messages or other personal information.
  • Easily integrate with 3-party application like Dropbox, Evernote, WhatsApp and Veeting

Review Greatmail – Business Email Hosting Provider

Headquarters: Austin, TX, US

Establishment: 2003

Data Center: North America and Europe. Private cloud infrastructure is audited and compliant with AT101 SOC2 Type 2 standards

Services Offered

  • Standard: provides IMAP and POP3 email hosting
  • Groupware: Adds synchronization and sharing of calendars and contacts using Exchange ActiveSync and CalDAV/CardDAV protocols.

Host Email: Price varies from $1 to $2.50 per mailbox depending on storage and features. Minimum 15 mailboxes get activated.

Other Servies Offered: Advanced services like Hosted Exchange, Hybrid Exchange, SMTP Hosting for marketing and transactional sending and LAMP web hosting.

Target Customers: Small start-ups to medium businesses and large enterprises

What for Customers?

  • Fully Managed POP3/IMAP email hosting
  • Business email addresses at client's domains
  • SSL/TLS encryption
  • Support for desktop applications like Mailbird, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Outlook
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile platforms
  • Anti-virus and spam protection
  • Web based administration

Discounts: The company offers discounts to Resellers and Businesses with purchase over 400 mailboxes

Latest News

  • Partnered with Mailbird integrating mail client into registration process and providers marketplace. The users get an option to download Mailbird's email client. It provides alternative to webmail application.

SEO Friendly Solid state drive SSD hosting

SEO Friendly Solid state drive SSD hosting

Solid state drive – SSD hosting

Solid state drive or SSD hosting is the popular hosting uses solid state drives for data storage. SSD has created graphs to visualize increase in performance over HDD storage. It offers daily backups and more reliable services to the customers. SSD is basically more resistant to physical shock, less latency, run more quietly. It has a significant improvement on hosting speed as it is a flash storage device without moving mechanical components. As a result, SSD hosting offers increased security and reliability to their customers.

SEO SSD Hosting

Whenever you choose right platform to host content on each unique class C IPs, reliable and fastest hardware is the primary source. Data, content and web pages have no limitation, that is why SSD SEO server is always popular as giving high performance. SSD hard drives provide excellent performance to make sure your SEO delivering great opportunities to reach top ranks. But customers won’t settle for reliability only. This SSD drives provide main drive configuration to high-performance servers. These drives include low mechanical failures.

When We Require SSD SEO Servers

For a faster startup, SSD servers are there to help you with this with no spin-up. Through advanced technology, faster application launch times. As above mentioned SSD use silent operation process due to almost no moving parts. It offers consistent read performance along with high mechanical reliability. Customers get quick random access with low read latency times. Through its file fragmentation, customers won’t face any problems.

Excellent Storage Technology – SSD Hosting

SSD technology offers unmatched hard drive performance. In addition, its access times and rates are impossible to achieve with the traditional disk-based system. It is ideal for high availability web applications that virtually eliminated, utilize bandwidth and server processing. As a result, clients can get database access with excellent server performance of their application.

Benefits – SSD Hosting

SSD comes with some useful features also, including:

  • Quickly access tables
  • High-performance web applications
  • Transaction logs
  • Storage indexes
  • Visualization
  • High concurrent access databases
  • High-end storage and Caching

Advantages of SSD Hosting

SSD server advantages mainly related to better performance, more efficiency, and excellent reliability.

Performance- Loading time of your websites has a significant impact on visitor satisfaction, conversion rates, and time on site. A slow site will distract visitors, and they will purchase products from other websites. SSD increase performance in comparison to traditional HDD storage.
Latency- Latency can create different to page speed particularly in database applications like Magento, WordPress or Drupal.
Great Reliability- Due to no mechanical and moving parts, SSD may suffer less wear and tear. SSDs failure rate only 0.5%, while HDDs failure rate is between 2-5%. As a result, SSDs are ten times more reliable. Moreover, it quickly restored backups.
Eco-friendly- SSDs produce less heat than traditional HDDs due to no moving parts. Their major power drain is cooling so it can result in energy savings within data centers. SSDs also consume just 2-5 watts, on the other hand, HDD consumes between 6-15 watts.

Switch to SSD Hosting

Faster and reliable than SATTA or spinning disks
Electronic and Greener – Saves electricity to approx. 5 times, Website speed increases, thus better Google ranking

Spinning disks is a mechanical device using magnetic spinning data platter with a data arm that reads and writes data to the drive. With time, capacity and speed of such drives have increased and now can store up to 8TB of data.

Use: Backup High Volume data, Less intensive applications


7.2K SATA (SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) – uses sold workhorses
+/- 80 IOPS

10K SAS (SAS = Serial Attached SCSI)
+/- 120 IOPS

K – disks rotate per minute
+/- 180 IOPS

Disadvantages & Limitations

Expensive- SSD server is generally more expensive than traditional HDD hosting along with typical SSDs costing around five times more for equal capability. As technology is better, the rates are coming down. Therefore, hosting providers usually have limitations on the amount of disk space and more costly.

Low Capacity- SSD includes 1TB capacity while HDD has a capacity around 4TB. So customers will find disk allocation much less as compared to HDD hosting.

Performance- depends on the spinning speed of disk

Latest News and Hosting Review ZNetLive

About Company – Hosting Review ZNetLive

Latest News and Hosting Review ZNetLiveEstablishment: 2001


Founder & CEO: Munesh Jadoun
Chief Technical Officer: Bhupender Singh

Data Center: India, USA, and Germany

Partners: Plesk


  • HostReview Readers' Choice Award
  • The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia and Fast 50 India Awards for 2010 & 2011; ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and D&B certification
  • Microsoft partnerships like Cloud OS Network Partner, Gold Hosting, Gold Data Center, Gold Cloud Productivity

Services Offered

  • An ICANN accredited domain registrar
  • Dedicated server, VPS, and Cloud hosting services
  • Shared Hosting, SSD Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting
  • Microsoft Azure Stack

Other Services Offered:  SSL Certificates, Website Builder Tools, E-mail Hosting

Target Customers: Businesses of all sizes, in over 125 countries worldwide

Number of customers: 91000+

What for Customers?

  • The Azure Stack provides agility, scalability, and flexibility.
  • The company is among forerunners in bringing Digital transformation technologies.
  • Provides growth and market-leading user experience to Indian customers

Support: 24.7.365. Supports cloud environment Azure stack creation, installation, operation, monitoring, and optimization

Latest News

  • (May 21, 2018) The company expanded partnership and becomes authorized Plesk distributor in India(August 02, 2017) The company rolls out Managed Microsoft Azure Stack with complete deployment and operational support. It would enable enterprises to implement and manage critical data in a secure environment with full compliance and accessibility. Using Azure stack software in the data center would provide benefits of hybrid cloud.