MediaFire Takes Aim at Dropbox

MediaFire Dropbox option Hosting company MediaFire has decided to take aim at Dropbox. MediaFire is now offering an OS X and Windows application that lets users upload files to the MediaFire cloud and share those collaborators – so, it’s basically Dropbox. What’s different? Why is MediaFire better or worse? MediaFire V/S Dropbox The best way… Read More

How To Use Dropbox: A Simple Tutorial

How To Use Dropbox Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing services available. Not only does the company have a great marketing plan in place, but Dropbox’s reputation and services speak volumes. If you’re new to Dropbox, you may be wondering how you can get started – the good news is that it’s… Read More

How to Encrypt Dropbox Files

Encrypt Dropbox Files Privacy is the one word on everyone’s mind. It all began with the NSA leak, but it definitely doesn’t end there. It’s now more than obvious that any company based on U.S. soil is susceptible to government scrutiny, and that includes the possibility that the government may take a peek at your… Read More

Dropbox VS. Zip Cloud: Which One to Choose?

Project collaboration can be a tiresome task. Especially if everyone involved in a project works from a different location. How can you share ideas, files, and concepts clearly? The best way to work on a shared project is to use a cloud file sharing option like Dropbox. But, Dropbox isn’t the only game in town.… Read More

15 Unknown Dropbox Tips

Dropbox Tips Think you know Dropbox? The cloud storage service is quite popular for file storage, but the site allows so much more than that. How is this possible? Dropbox gives developers the ability to submit apps and services just for Dropbox users. From hosting a website to streaming music, here are some handy Dropbox… Read More

Cloud based file Sharing Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review Top Cloud Hosting Providers Hosting Company Server Location | Price Visit Site Plano, TX, US Price : $20.00 /month Visit Now USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, Europe Price : $20.00 /month Visit Now Houston, TX, US Price : $68.95 /month Visit Now Reston, VA, US Price : $4.49 /month Visit Now Providence,… Read More