Five Vital LinkedIn Steps for CEOs to Take

Vital LinkedIn Steps LinkedIn is a really vital sales and marketing tool that you’re probably not using to its fullest potential. Or, maybe you’re not using it at all – and that would be a mistake. If you run any kind of hosting company, you will need to have an online presence, and that means… Read More

GHOST Is Officially Here!

GHOST Is Officially Here Poor WordPress! This company is constantly coming under attack from other platforms building better and faster blogging sites. The latest platform to challenge WordPress is called GHOST. I’ve talked about it before on this blog (see this cheap hosting article), but the company has just rolled out its services to the public… Read More

5 Ways Startups Can Pick the Right Hosting Company

Pick the Right Hosting Company Starting up a company is exhausting – and exhilarating. Thousands of startups gain funding and build business plans every year. Only a few of those seedlings survive. What makes or breaks a startup? Surprisingly, it’s not the concept of the company that will determine whether or not a startup has… Read More

Google’s New Hummingbird for Cheap Hosting Sites

Google’s New Hummingbird It seems like Google is constantly updating its algorithms, doesn’t it? That’s because Google is constantly working to make the Internet the best that it can be. But, this type of innovation can cause some panic amidst business owners that are just trying to get websites recognized. Google’s newest update: Hummingbird means… Read More

5 Tips For Creating Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Create Company’s Social Media Policy It’s a fact in today’s day and age: social media is an important part of many people’s lives. They share photos of their children, big moments in their lives, and gripe about many topics. Yes, they complain about Mondays and the government, but there’s something else a lot of them… Read More

The Key To Providing Killer Customer Service

Providing Killer Customer Service Your dedicated hosting business relies on its customers. That is a given. You wouldn’t be in business without them. However, you run the risk of losing customers if you’re offering a shoddy customer service experience. If you want to provide fast and reliable customer service, look no further than the cloud.… Read More

10 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing Hosting Provider

Choosing Hosting Provider Hosting Provider Selection Criteria Most businesses get rather flustered when choosing their cheap hosting company / hosting provider for the first time. After all, if you knew what you were doing, wouldn’t you be hosting the website yourself? Probably. There are so many factors that go into providing excellent hosting services for… Read More

Do You Need a Growth Hacker for Your Hosting Website?

Growth Hacker for Hosting Website You may know what a SEO expert is, and you may even be considering hiring a VP of Marketing. But, you might want to stop and think about going with a ‘growth hacker’ instead. A what? A growth hacker. Let me explain. The Marketing Evolution Back in the day, marketers… Read More

Should Your Hosting Company Bundle Hosting And Social Media Services?

Hosting Company Bundle Hosting And Social Media Services It is essential for today’s websites to have social media accounts. It’s just the way it is. More often than not, a potential customer is going to search for your business page on Facebook before they turn to Google, so you’d better have a Facebook page! Having… Read More

What Your Hosting Company Can Learn From ‘Whole Foods’

Hosting Company Can Learn From ‘Whole Foods’ What can your cheap hosting company learn from Whole Foods? Plenty! Take a look. Sustainability While your cheap hosting company can’t really nourish anyone’s body with organic, healthy food, it can make less of an impact on the environment. If you are able to offer a renewable energy… Read More

5 Things You Don’t Want In A Hosting Company

Hosting Company Negative Traits We’ve discussed ideal traits of a good web hosting company before, but what about the things that you don’t want? The things that say, “Stay far away from this hosting company!” Here’s a quick list of things you should watch out for. If you come across a company that possesses any… Read More

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love what HostGator does when it comes to marketing. This company has all of its ducks (er, alligators?) in a row, and this is especially true when it comes to email marketing. Not only can we… Read More

Make Your Cloud Company Rain: 5 Ways To Attract New Cloud Business

Attract New Cloud Business It can be hard to stand out as a cloud hosting company in a sea of big hosting names like Amazon. How can you compete against AWS and draw in new customers? It’s not an easy road to take, but it’s one that can become simpler to navigate if you take… Read More

Places Where Facebook Is Banned (and Other Bits)

Places Where Facebook Is Banned Since it’s Friday, here’s a bit of reading fun for you. Below, you’ll find a list of countries where Facebook is banned – imagine that? Places Where Facebook Is Illegal China Iran Syria Tajikistan What about web hosting? Are there any countries where web hosting is currently illegal? Not to… Read More

Astroturfing: A Good Way to Market Your Cheap Hosting Site?

Astroturfing : marketing tactics for your site If you’re looking into various marketing tactics for your site, you’ve probably come across the concept of astroturfing by now. If not, here’s a quick explanation of the term taken from Wikipedia: “…the practice of masking the sponsors of a message…” In Internet terms, this generally boils down… Read More

Should You Choose Your Hosting Clients Selectively?

Choose Your Hosting Clients Selectively Should you be selective about the kinds of clients you want to use your site? It may seem strange to filter out perfectly good (and by “good” I mean “paying”) clients, but it’s a strategy that a lot of small businesses are currently taking to heart. Why? The Concept Behind… Read More

How to Create Web Hosting Polls

Web Hosting Polls What Do You Want to See More Of? Sometimes, a Web Hosting Polls is the best way to connect with your readers. When people are reading your content but not commenting (I’m looking at you!), a poll can help open up the conversation. You can also use a Web Hosting Polls on… Read More

Tumblr: These Cheap Hosting Sites Do It Well

Tumblr: These Cheap Hosting Sites Do It Well Tumblr Insight Tumblr is something of an on-again-off-again site for most business owners. When Yahoo purchased the company, it was all the rage. Now, though, many SEO teams and small business owners skip over the site completely in lieu of other sites like Twitter and Facebook. Before you… Read More

Top 4 Web Hosting Brokers

Web Hosting Brokers We’ve said it many times: there are many choices when it comes to hosting providers, but each one offers plans a little different than the rest. This is a good thing, as no one web site is like another. Everyone has different needs, and it takes a variety of hosting companies to… Read More

Social Media and Your Cheap Hosting Site

Social Media Social media can be tricky. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are supposed to allow you to express your own opinions, but where do you draw the line? Is it okay to make fun of a reader that doesn’t understand your posts? Is it normal to add offensive photographs to your Facebook feed? How… Read More