E-commerce web hosting

E-commerce can involve electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, e-marketing, online marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), automated inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems Customer service software applications and customer service solutions range from simple to complex. Some businesses have a greater need for customer service software than others. Build customer… Read More

How to Configure Your GMail Inbox

If you work with a lot of people on a regular basis, your inbox probably looks like a lot of jumbled up words, text, snippets, and other bits and pieces of confusing information. When does all the madness stop? Well, if you’re using GMail, you’re in luck. Google has set up GMail to be highly… Read More

Learning from the Original Web Hosting Company

Original Web Hosting Sometimes looking back can be beneficial. It is from our past that we learn not to make similar mistakes in the future. We can also see what worked in the past, and apply those tactics to future ideas. Every industry began somewhere, and this is as true with hosting as it is… Read More

Self-Hosted Shopping Cart or Etsy? Which One Works Best?

Self-Hosted Shopping Cart or Etsy Online shopping destinations have a lot more options today than they did just a few years ago. Numerous websites let you host your online shop for a low monthly or per-listing payment, but Etsy is one of the most popular options out there. How does Etsy stack up to hosting… Read More

Coming Up With a Hosting Company Idea

Hosting Company Idea Coming up with an idea for a hosting company is a challenge. The space is already dominated by major companies like GoDaddy and Amazon. Who can compete with Amazon, right? Well, maybe you can. It all depends on how you look at it, and looking at various angles doesn’t happen enough. So,… Read More

Why You Want Google Authorship

Google Authorship At heart, Google tries its best to find really great content on the Internet for you to read. This isn’t always so easy, though. Thanks to marketers and SEO hacks, really bad content can be designed to look like excellent content. The more Google tries to make sure content is authentic, the more… Read More

How Not to Run a Hosting Company

Hosting Company Nobody is naive enough to trust someone they’ve never met, right? Amazingly, that’s not entirely true. Great relationships can be built online and through forums. Such great relationships that hosting company can pop up overnight, and hundreds of website owners will run to sign up with those companies. How does this happen? Hosting… Read More

Top Ways to Make Affiliate Marketing Rock

In the world of building your website, driving traffic to your blog, and, you know, making sure that people actually read your stuff, you may come across the concept of affiliate marketing. What is it, exactly? More importantly, do you need to offer some kind of affiliate setup? Let’s explore the dos and don’ts of… Read More

Four Steps to Building a Business Website

Business Website Setting up a website is a necessary action for any business large or small. Even if you don’t plan on offering online services at all, a website is something that you simply must have. What happens when you don’t have a website? People will look for your company online, find a competitor, and… Read More

How to Choose a Marketing Person

Select Marketing Person Every business needs some kind of marketing. That means hiring a marketing expert (unless you want to take a crash course in marketing, which I really don’t recommend). Having the right marketing expert on your team can be a real godsend. But, you do need to be careful. As much as the… Read More

Dedicated Hosting and SEO: The Truth

Dedicated Hosting and SEO The SEO world can be a really murky one full of black water and treacherous holes (that’s where the SEO bandits hide!). But, SEO is still a reality, and that means that you have to face the music at one point or another, no matter how noble you want your site… Read More

Is GMail Secure?

GMail Secure GMail is, by far, the most popular email service on the planet. Way back when, you had to obtain an invite to use GMail, but now that the service is available to everyone, it’s become the ultimate way to do email. Just how secure is GMail, though? GMail Secure: A False Sense of… Read More

Browser Compatibility: Make Sure Yours Works!

Browser Compatibility After you’ve built your website, found a domain name, and chosen a hosting company, you’ll need to make sure that everyone can see your site – and I mean, everyone. Some sites simply don’t work on certain browsers, but that’s not a mistake that you can make these days. Here’s how to make… Read More

The Death of SEO and Your Site

SEO and Your Site There’s good reason to believe that SEO is dead – or dying. While search engine optimization used to be the lifeblood of any website, it’s a concept that really didn’t make any sense to begin with. If you think about it, SEO means creating a website that search engines will love.… Read More

Is Shared or Dedicated Hosting Better?

It’s a simple enough question : is shared or dedicated hosting better? But, it does come with a complex answer. Let’s break it down a bit to see what option would be better for you. Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting For the Small Business If you are running a small business that gets many hits… Read More

Guide to Using Google Analytics

If you’ve been around the blogging world – even for a minute or two – you’ve heard about Google Analytics. It is the definitive way to track what’s happening with your website. It’s also kind of confusing. If you want to learn how to set up Google Analytics without panic, here’s a simple way to… Read More

How to Guest Post to Get Links

There are lots of conflicting views when it comes to guest posting. Posting on various blogs as a guest blogger can really benefit your website where links are concerned, but Google has started to frown on this practice. Why? And, more importantly, should you be guest posting, or is this an old practice that’s outdated?… Read More

Top 5 Holiday Shopping Security Tips

If you run an online store of any kind, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have an influx of shoppers during the holiday season. New clients is always a good thing, but you do have to be extra careful to make sure that your site is secure during this busy time of year. Here… Read More

How to Share on Twitter: Various Ways

Sharing items via Twitter is simple. You don’t have to worry about lengthy processes when sharing stuff through Twitter, but Twitter sharing isn’t a basic task either. How can you successfully share on Twitter? It helps to divide shared items into different categories like video, images, audio, and various others. Sharing on Twitter When it was… Read More

What Is Link Building?

Link Building We write about SEO a lot at Ananova. That’s because it’s part of any hosting site, no matter what you goal or niche market is. It’s also a wild and active beast that you’ll have to try and tame if you want your site to be noticed by anyone. Wouldn’t it be nice… Read More