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Shared Web Hosting: 11 Helpful Tips

Shared Web Hosting Insight

You might have heard a lot about it, but what is shared web hosting? More importantly, is shared web hosting the best choice for you? Let’s break down this term.

Shared Web Hosting Defined

Shared web hosting refers to: hosting that is shared by several users.

We can break that definition down even more, though.

Shared web hosting happens when: a number of different users host sites on a single server provided by one web host.

That makes this simpler, doesn’t it? Is shared hosting the kind of hosting that you want?

What Shared Web Hosting Is Good For

Shared web hosting is the cheapest hosting option for bloggers, designers, and small e-commerce stores and businesses. Shared web hosting also offers a highly adaptable hosting environment that can be used by most people simple without the need to hire an IT team.

Since finding a reliable shared hosting provider isn’t simple, here’s what you should look for Shared Hosting Tips:

  1. Specialty : if you run a niche business, looking for a niche shared hosting provider. This way, the provider you choose will be able to cater to your individual business needs.
  2. Ease of use : find out how user-friendly hosting services are. A user-friendly interface will come in handy to web hosting beginners, and those that don’t have the budget to hire an IT team.
  3. Customer reviews : customers are often the best source of knowledge when it comes to looking for information about a hosting company. Check out what others are saying about a company first.
  4. Scalability : shared web hosting companies add a variety of hosting accounts to the same hardware with minimal allocations of memory and bandwidth. These companies may offer many features, but the company may restrict some.
  5. Disk Space : look for a company that offers unlimited disk space.
  6. Bandwidth: make sure that your website can handle as much traffic as possible.
  7. Security : any good hosting company should have a number of security measures in place. Ask about security policies.
  8. Bonus | additional features : did you get any additional features from your web host? You should!
  9. Reliability : don’t settle for unreliable hosting services.
  10. Hosting speed : A shared web host must offer lightning fast hosting speeds. Slow hosting speeds can be quite a nuisance, especially if you run an online business.
  11. Technical & customer care : customer care reps should be available through email, phone, voice, and other measures at all times.

If you’ve just run across a cheap hosting or share hosting company that you’re not sure about, ask us. We can be reached easily, and we’ll return your questions quickly!

Shared Hosting – cheapest form of Hosting

Server potentially shared with hundreds of other accounts.

Shared Hosting

Multiple users website hosted on an individual physical server where web space, bandwidth, email accounts and database limited per user.

Three questions comes in the mind of the web hosting customer, before choosing a web hosting solution:

  1. Affordable
  2. Quality level of service &
  3. customer support

Affordable Web Hosting

Quality level of Service

Customer Support

No overselling shared environment

Your website resides on a server shared with hundred or thousand more sites. Each allocated with specific resources like space, bandwidth, CPU usage limit, emails allowed to sent in 1 hour. Overselling can decrease the server performance, and thus website efficiency and efficacy.

Responsibilities and Services of Hosting Provider

Onsite Backup Solutions – Customer must take care of this!

Data are the pillars of any company whether small or big enterprise, its security, and redundancy are primary concerns.

Onsite Backups: Data is backed up to a device located within office premises and customer has direct control.

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