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Hosting-Canada.Ca Company Introduction

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Montreal, QC, CA
$3.95 /mo

web hosting canadaWebHosting Canada is a Canadian Web Hosting Provider and has been in operation since 2003 with data centers on East and West Coast. Hosting-Canada offer consistent superior service to their customers which goes above and beyond their competitors customer support is available in both English and French.

Hosting-Canada is among the fastest-growing Web Service Providers from more than three years and has proven as Reliable Canadian Web Hosting Provider over the course of the past Eleven Years.Hosting-Canada was the first hosting company in Canada taken an initiative to provide  environmental friendly hosting that is the reason now they offer Eco-Friendly Hosting to reducing carbon footprint to take environmental protection as measure to save environment.

Hosting-Canada, One Of The Best Hosting In Canada?

Lets Check Out Good Reasons To choose

Impressionable Customer Service :

  • Highly-Qualified experts and ready to assist Customer 24*7, by Monitoring, Identifying Problems and Resolving Issues before they become problems.
  • User can utilize Toll-Free Phone(1-888-545-3942) and Live Chat/Online Help desk facilities anytime.

Quality and Competitive Product Offered by Hosting-Canada.Ca :

  • Industry-Leading Control Panel
  • 1-Click WordPress and CMS Installations
  • Easy Site Builder to build Website
  • Day-to-Day Operations of Online Business
  • Daily Autoback Ups

Fastest Canadian Servers by Hosting-Canada.Ca

  • Fast Servers on both the East and West Coast for faster loading and response times.
  • Improved Ranking in Canadian-Specific search results with Google
  • Servers use SSD storage for the Fastest Performance with 99.9 Uptime Guarantee

Hosting-Canada.Ca Environment-Friendly/Eco-Friendly Hosting

  • Committed to keeping Low Carbon Footprint
  • Powered by Renewable Energy Produced from Hydroelectric Dams
  • Use Eco-Friendly Server Components

Now let's Review Plans :

Hosting Plans designed to suit needs from the individual to commercial site and businesses so it won't be wrong to call once stop shop for hosting needs.

1) Hosting-Canada.Ca Shared Web Hosting

offers are Ideal solution for businesses, Webmasters and Entrepreneurs:-

  • For Starter (For Beginners) || C$3.95/Month
  • For Pro (For Professional & Commercial Sites) || C$7.95/Month
  • For Enterprise (For Demanding business) || C$17.95/Month Powerful, Reliable, Feature-Rich Hosting : offers Multiple Hosting Plans and Renowned for its dedication to online security and Safeguarding of Customer Data.

Hosting-Canada.Ca shared Hosting Features :-

  • Provides Free Email Marketing Platform (For Starter- 3,For Pro- 1000, For Enterprise- Unlimited)
  • 300+Free Web App Option in all Shared Plans
  • More than 900 Templates
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Number of Sub Domains

2) Hosting-Canada.Ca Domain Registration

Get Your Domain Name With Plethora Of Advantages

  •  Retain Full Ownership of your Domain
  • Painless Automated Renewals
  • WHOIS Identity Protection Available*
  • Full DNS & WHOIS management Interface
  • Free Domain Redirection
  • Domain Locking
  • CIRA-Accredited Registrar

3) Hosting-Canada.Ca Resellers Hosting

Reseller Program provide an individual to host clients with Customized Hosting Packages, Guaranteed Fast Server and 100% of the profit as your own service.

Plans for Reseller start from $19.95 and its activation process takes less than 24 Hours. Resold accounts are unlimited on Pro and Enterprise Plans with upto 40GB Disk Space available. Unlimited Potential Revenue and Recurring Revenue depends on the pricing set by individual.

The plan also provides :-

  • Private Name Servers
  • Free Domain Name
  • Client's Control Panel and MySQL 5 database

Hosting-Canada.Ca SSL Certificates :

  • For Beginners, plan starts at C$69/Month
  • For Pro, Plan starts at C$89/Month
  • For X8, Plan starts at C$119/Month

4)Hosting-Canada.Ca Dedicated Servers:-

Dedicated Servers available in three plans-

  • PS-Starter Starting at $69/Month-Features like Athlon X2 Dual-Core 2x 1.8 GHz with 4GB DDR2 memory , Unlimited Bandwidth,Choice of OS, Free Plesk Panel, 1-4 IP addresses and data center location in North America or Europe.
  • PS-Pro Starting at $89/Month including Athlon X4 Quad-core 4x 2.3 GHz with 8GB DDR3 memory, unlimited bandwidth, 1-4 IP addresses and data center location in North America or Europe.
  • PS-X8 Starting at $119/Month including Opteron 3280 8Core 8x 2.4 GHz with 16 GB DDR3, unlimited bandwidth, 1-4 IP addresses and data center location in North America or Europe.

Note : All prices are available in Canadian Dollar

Latest News And Web Hosting Review GreenvilleHost

Company Introduction

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$1.99 /mo


GreenvilleHost in Now Owned by Webhostingpad

greenvillehostGreenvilleHost is an US-based web host, founded in 2008 by group of Environmental Eco Friendly Shared Hosting Provider.

here hosting industry veterans, aiming to offer the market Green Hosting.

Company set out to deliver the best Eco-friendly web hosting at affordable prices which gives savings on energy costs to customers. GreenvilleHost serves its customer by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process to create an Internet presence.

Besides this, company is fairly experienced and their team consists of huge knowledge so in any type of calamity industrial experts are there to take care of servers.

Why GreenvilleHost consider to be one of the best Eco-friendly Hosting site??

Company's plans are on Linux Platform and all shared hosting plans only, qualitative as there is almost negligible downtime in last 5 years , affordable at $1.99 month and ofcourse ecofriendly Environment.

  • Conserving energy, going paperless and running energy efficient servers.
  • It eliminates negative impact on environment
  • Company Host powers their servers with 200% wind energy and offer high quality equipments
  • The use of renewable energy credits

Goodwill Of Company

Company has been able to maintain its goodwill with quality throughout by offering great customer care and support.

They also have feature-rich services which are designed to attract users by giving them uptime of 99.75%.


If we talk about popularity, there are around 3,596 famous webhosting companies where GreenvilleHost ranked 684 as a Hosting Companies but number one green web hosting company till 2012. Note: – (This data is based on the estimated number of visitors of GreenvilleHost Host's Website).

Company provides website on the internet world with easy and best solution and make the clients happy around the globe.

Core Features

Company provides unlimited web hosting plan with the economical price $3.9/ month plus offering discount through coupon code and website homepage.

Lets check out the great features

  • It offers cpanel web hosting for customers and deliver a superior web hosting experience.
  • This hosting is 200% green with certified energy credits
  • Company provides facility of 30 day money back guarantee and web reporting tools
  • It is U.S. based award wining customer service
  • Quality, dependable, cutting edge equipment and servers which eliminates negative impact on users.
  • Offers huge script library , lots of application, dedicated options, e-commerce features, backup solutions for the users
  • User can enjoy these benefits without any hidden fees.

Apart from these great features, Comapny has some common feature too which satisfied the users completely.

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • MySQL database
  • Sub domains
  • FTP accounts
  • 24*7 customer support and lot more .

E-mail features

  • Mailing lists
  • Spam assassin
  • Mail forwarding
  • E-mail alias
  • Auto responders etc.


GreenvilleHost Aims to provide quality services. Through these major features of GreenvilleHost hosting which gives full satisfaction to the users before choosing this hosting.


Company's up tile is just great which is a plus as users do not have to experience any down time and websites are running all throughout the day.

Moneyback Policy:

In case the company's performance does not suit the client’s needs before 90 days, money back guarantee (FUP: Fare Usage Policy) by the comapny to refund unhappy users.

Technical Support:

If we talk about technical support, it has a very good and professional support team and can get them through

  • Toll-Free Phone i.e (877)998-4678 (average answer time 56 seconds )
  • Email Support: (average response time 22 minutes)


Users can get data backed up on a daily basis to ensure that it is secure just in case of anything. As customers safety and do not lose their work, servers can be easily replaced in the event of disastrous situation without having to expand a large amount of resources and the hosting company as well.


This shows that GreenvilleHost care about their customers.

Areas of Improvement

unfortunately like other hosts, company do not find live chat, community forum, FAQs, international phone number.

Reasons to Choose GreenvilleHost Hosting
Company always offers cheapest plans.

Real Cost Of hosting Plans

  • 12 month plan – 3.99$/month
  • 24 month plan- 2.99$Month
  • 36 month plan- 1.9$/month

Means if you pay for 3 years in upfront then it will cost 1.99 but that is not at all a bad deal


GreenvilleHost Website Hosting is excellent for web hosting. The control panel is easy to use and reliability is superb. For $1.99 per month with two year plan, user will not find a better web host particularly for the low price they are offering.

Note :- Currently all the new accounts are created on webhosting No doubt it is the cheapest web hosting provider ! but still are they following the path of Green Web hosting?

Will be answered shortly.

If you have any update regarding this ,do share in the comment box.