Multiple website owners share VPS server, and each can administer it with complete control. Each user runs its Operating System and can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

Platform: Linux or Windows Operating System
The Windows VPS are higher in price, as requires a user to pay a license fee.


  • Affordable, economical and flexible
  • Reliable as compare to Shared Hosting: The hosting account independent and unaffected by others, even if they consume more resources and continue to perform at the usual pace. The client can reboot anytime and any number of times.
  • Complete Control: Users get root access to control settings, customize OS and add or remove software.
  • Privacy: Dedicated IP provided, also account housed in an individual container giving complete solitude and isolation.
  • SLA commitments of 100% network uptime, high-speed connections, and security provided with latest infrastructure and technology.