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All About Flickr Creative Commons Licensing

Flickr Creative Commons Licensing

You want to choose amazing, eye catching images to include on your shared hosting website. Be careful: you can't just go around stealing images you find on the Internet. This could lead to copyright infringement! This doesn't mean you have to go out there and take your own pictures though, so don't worry. Just seek out images licensed by Creative Commons!

Let's take a look at the logistics of a Creative Commons license and what it all means so that you can feel confident when placing images that aren't your own up on your website.

 Flickr Creative Commons Licensing: What Is It?

Creative Commons offers users a way to share their work with the world and set up their own copyright terms. There are six licenses in all, each one granting different permissions as to how it can be used legally. The content owner remains the owner, but others may use it for themselves as long as rules laid out by the license are followed.

 Flickr Creative Commons Licensing: Why?

With anyone able to easily start up a website or manipulate and share content via the Internet, the rules had to change. Prior to the Internet, how did people see content? A third-party had to get involved, for instance, a publisher. The old “all rights reserved” method just doesn't apply in today's world. People want to set up their own terms on the content they've worked hard to create.

 Flickr Creative Commons Licensing: The Different Licenses

The process of licensing your work is simpler than you think. There are four basic conditions to choose from, and you can apply any combination of conditions to your work:

As I stated, these all combine in different ways to make the actual licenses:

Do you have a better understanding of Creative Commons? We'd love to answer any questions you have regarding this topic, so comment below!

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