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Adult Websites And Hosting Issues

Adult Websites Hosting

Remember when the internet was new? The sky was the limit when it came to content available. Now, the government and numerous groups with the help of lawyers can be found regulating it all, prompting web hosting companies to watch what content they're hosting.

Many companies won't touch adult content with a ten-foot pole due to the issues that can arise, whether it's legal problems or issues with clients dropping their service to avoid being associated with questionable content. Let's discuss what criteria lead up to labeling a site “adult,” and which adult hosting sites will accept your content without a problem.

Adult Websites Hosting: What Makes A Site “Adult?”

It's all in the content. If your site is strictly softcore porn, you are likely ok. These could be images of women in lingerie, topless, or participating in simulated sex. When you introduce images of actual sex and pictures of naked women and/or men with their nether region on display for all to see, it crosses over to hardcore.

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Adult Websites Hosting: Why Do Certain Hosting Companies Shy Away From Adult Content?

When it comes to the overall world view of porn, you just never know when your site is breaking laws in another country. Igor Shoemaker, the owner of Voyeurweb, states: “some countries have no law at all. But I would go to prison for what I do in Germany — they don't even accept our type of age validation. They want a notarized copy of your driver's license.” How does Shoemaker deal with this? “Voyeurweb is owned by corporations around the world, and they are liable for it.”

This is the main reason for a hosting company shying away from adult content. You never know when you are violating the laws in another country, in which case you are penalized in some way, whether through a shutdown of the site or fines.

Another reason sites choose not to host adult websites: you can get in serious trouble if someone underage is caught perusing your website.

Adult Websites Hosting: Content

An adult websites hosting company should diligently monitor the content of any site they host for their own protection. Those sites featuring bestiality, rape, incest, or child pornography are strictly prohibited, and could be a ticket to court. Because of all the legwork and hassle required to check up on all adult websites they host, some opt out of hosting this type of content altogether.

Adult Websites Hosting: How To Keep Your Site Out Of Trouble

So, you've found an adult websites hosting site that will gladly help you out. It's up to you to take some important steps to assure that you and your hosting provider don't end up in hot water.

If you follow these steps, adult websites hosting sites will be more apt to work with you. Note: the above steps are simply suggestions, and cannot be used in a court of law as a viable form of defence.

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