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The complete guide on Bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender antivirusNowadays we use the internet to carry out our daily activities; so it is no secret that we are also prone to viruses that are present on the internet. These viruses are very harmful to our system and can corrupt the operating software causing the computer to malfunction. Now there are many varieties of antivirus that are found on the internet from paid ones to free ones. You should never go for the paid versions as they do not provide effective protection for the computer at all. In fact, most of the free software does not provide strong protection to the computers.

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Now bitdefender antivirus is software that does provide good levels of protection to your computer. This software, fortunately, detects all of the viruses within a very short period of time. This software is indeed very effective and is recommended by the experts on a regular basis. The features of this software may differ depending on the module that you select.

Bitdefender antivirus Security Provides

  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows: compatible with Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Android: Protect your device from electronic threats and save your battery with Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus Apps.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac: Stay safe with Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac!

The Security module

This particular module has all the information pertaining to the vulnerability, anti-spam, firewall, anti-phishing, and antivirus. An important feature such as Parental control is provided in this module. The anti-phishing technology makes sure that all of the website traffic is filtered well. The anti-spam technology makes sure that your email is spam free. This antivirus can block out any other applications via the parental control settings.

The tune-up module

This particular module helps to raise the standards of your personal computer. This particular module contains certain features such as defragmenter, disk, recovery, registry and registry cleaner.

These are some of the most important features in this particular module.

The file storage module

This particular module has very important modules like add file and backs up file. If you use the features well then you can add certain important files and documents and even encrypt them in special drives. The other features can operate in the laptop mode or game mode. During the game mode, the protection setting is changed so that it does not have an impact on the performance of the computer while playing games. The laptop mode also modifies the software to a certain extent so that the life of your battery is not affected at all. So these are the features that BitDefender antivirus offers and it is these features that will help to improve the performance of your computer on a daily basis.

Just beware of the many unofficial versions that are available for free; it would be better to steer clear of them in the name of BitDefender antivirus. You should note that the free versions have very limited features. So you should go for the paid version if you wish to utilize all the features for your own benefit. Follow the guidelines mentioned in this article and you will have no trouble in using this software to the fullest and can improve the performance of your computer within a very short time.

Bitdefender Small Office Security

Bitdefender Small Office SecurityThe next-gen security designed for small businesses, available for US customers. It's complete protection for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Furthermore prevents hackers and malware software from exploiting vulnerabilities in the system.

Latest News – Bitdefender antivirus

  • Dark web marketplace: The IT Security community always keeps an eye on the dark-web-marketplace.
    On the tips of Bitdefender, The Dutch police busted and shut down Hansa marketplace, seized and defaced domains with the message “This hidden site has seized by the Dutch National Police.” They were selling illegal drugs to stolen databases, credit card information and malicious software.
    The police arrested its administrators, buyers, and sellers. The officials extracted data on over 420,000 users and 10,000 home addresses and seized millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins.
    The security firm informed that the Hansa domains based in the Netherlands.

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Latest News And Review McAfee antivirus

The benefits of McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirusMcAfee antivirus has already become very popular all over the world. You should remember that you should only download antivirus software from trusted websites. You should take this measures as viruses are disguised and sent through during such downloads and that can hamper the functioning of the computer.

The improved version of McAfee antivirus which was released in the market has been revamped and now can be seen with a brand new interface. The new improved interface has streamlined some of the very complicated tools that will provide your computer with the highest level of protection.

Best Antivirus Providers

This software is not tough when it comes to the usage and you will be supplied with clear cut instruction on how you can use the software for your benefit. The latest version is said to be at least eight times much faster than the previous versions. This also means that the software consumes less space and your computer will work faster.

The software has been tailored to make things easier for the user. Names that confuse people have been done away with and most of the features have been revamped to make things very intuitive. The firewall options have been sent to the email protection and web which is a good move as the firewall supplies maximum protection when you use the internet.

Let us assume that you are not much of a technical person and you have no clue what you are looking for, so in this case McAfee antivirus is just what you need. The software uses color coding and it also gives the users simple messages.

The software uses a very effective virus protection that blocks viruses within seconds. A recent survey has revealed that this antivirus can detect any virus in a matter of seconds. This software detects Malware in no time than any other antivirus software. This software uses a real time protection known as Artemis. This technology scans any files while it is being downloaded and if any virus is detected then it gives the uses the option of stopping the download. The software also scans the domain data, IP address and the particular URL are evaluated to detect viruses before the file is saved on to the hard disk.

Earlier certain users have complained that antivirus software tends to slow down their computer especially when it is booting. The latest version of McAfee antivirus has taken all of those criticism into consideration and made changes accordingly. The latest version has a much better performance and the best part is that the user’s computer does not slow down at all.

Another plus point is that McAfee antivirus offers free trials packs that can be downloaded from the website and once you are satisfied with it then you can download the full paid version. You will find some unofficial versions of the software that are offered for free it would be wise to go for the paid version as you will have access to a variety of features.

Best Free Wedding Websites

Free Wedding Websites

Your big day is fast approaching, and with friends and family scattered all over the globe, you are looking for a way to include everyone in on the wedding plans. The Internet to the rescue, offering a way to share the story of how you met; the details of how he proposed to you; the ceremony location and information; directions on how to get to the venue; a place for your loved ones to offer words of congratulations; and even a place to post pictures from the big day. Wedding Websites

Many build-your-own wedding websites offer a simple way to share wedding details, and are easy to update as more details and plans emerge. Not only does it give you a chance to share an important moment in your life, it offers guests a place to easily access the details they need in order to attend, like how to get to the reception, from wherever they are.

Build-Your-Own Wedding Websites

There are a slew of these cloud hosting wedding website builder sites out there. Let's look at a few options so you can choose the site that meets your needs perfectly.

1. Wedding Websites: eWedding

This site boasts the ability to create your wedding website in less than five minutes. With features like RSVP management, ‘Our Story' page, and unlimited photo albums, it offers a one-stop shop for sharing the full details of your big day. They offer multiple themes to make your site more unique to who you and your fiancé are, and all of this is offered for free. You know you're spending enough on everything else relating to your wedding, so this is a welcome treat!

2. Wedding Websites: The Knot

This is one of the most popular wedding websites on the Internet. Offering a free website with a hundred designs to choose from, it is easy to make a page that represents who you are as a couple. Allowing you to create pages like ‘About Us', ‘Our Proposal', ‘Our Registries', and pages relating to the ceremony, reception, wedding party, pertinent information for guests, and even your honeymoon, it offers a place to share every last detail. Guests can RSVP to your wedding and/or reception, as well as sign a guest book to offer their congratulations. An added bonus: your site is guaranteed to be mobile device-friendly. Now, when Aunt Rita from NC shows up in CA for your big day, she has access to the important location information so she doesn't get lost!

3. Wedding Wire

This site is also free, and allows you to invite guests to your ceremony and reception with online RSVP functionality and a countdown to the big day. Guests can view your online registries, leave congratulatory messages in the online guestbook, and even gather the best travel rates from over 140 websites in order for out-of-town guests to book a hotel. Mobile website functionality is also offered. You can choose music to play when your guests visit, and make an unlimited number of pages.

4. Wedding Window

The themes offered for this free wedding websites service are for the vintage-lover. They provide a wedding countdown, photo galleries, and social media integration along with a neat ‘wedding party' feature. This gives your guests a little background about everyone within your wedding party. Don't miss out on the poll page: this allow guests to test their knowledge of both bride and groom! Fun!

5. Wed Share

This site allows you to do so much more than provide information to your guests. With guest lists, seating charts, budget planners, and e-vite functionality, it makes the entire planning process a whole lot easier. Gone are notebooks filled with details — now it's all in one place thanks to cloud hosting wedding website !

Do you have a wedding website? Do you rely on one of these services? We want to hear about your experiences!

How to Start An Online Store

Start An Online Store

According to Forrester Research, Co., U.S. online retail sales grew 12.6% to 176 billion in 2010. That number is expected to reach $279 billion by 2016. Not in the online retail game yet? You're missing out. Dying to get into online retail but don't know how? Here are some simple steps to take.

1. Start building your online store : Don't know code? Don't worry. There are a ton of sites that will provide you with easy templates and help you with things like shopping cart setups. You can even create a link from your current website to your online store using one an available template option. Check out Shopify or Volusion for simplified online retail design needs.

the almighty dollar Start An Online Store2. Consider payment system options : Your shoppers need to know that shopping online at your store is secure. That's why you have to choose your payment system carefully.

3. A good beginner option is PayPal : but, be warned, PayPal does come with some hefty fees that can quickly add up. PayPal does work in the beginning when your store is on the smaller side, but you will likely have to set up merchant accounts with credit card companies in the future. Most shoppers like to pay with credit cards, so keep this in mind. Also, check out Square as credit card payment option.

4. Create good customer service : From the start, your site should include a customer service option. Most customer service management (CRM) tools will cost around $40 per month. Look for one that includes all aspects of customer service from questions to complaints. Another good option is online or live customer service, but this is only a wise idea if you can man those lines.

5. Learn how to describe your products : Online shoppers can't actually try something on, touch a product, or feel a product. So, you have to do the describing for them. How? First, hire a photographer to take excellent pictures of your products. Then, hire a copywriter to write up your product descriptions – make sure that any writer you choose has experience. You may also want to send that writer a few of your items, so that they can get a good hands-on feel for what you sell.

6. Allow customer comments and feedback : I know, this can backfire. All it takes is one customer with a bad experience to ruin the comment section of your site. But, these kinds of comments also provide you with a good opportunity to show great customer care. Example: angry customer writes a bad review, and you quickly respond to that review solving the problem. What usually happens? That angry customer writes another positive review thanking you for solving the issue. See how that can work in your favor?

Lastly, make sure that the host you choose is a reliable one. We have so much information about cheap hosting companies on this site that I won't go into more detail, but find one that you can trust.

Ready to sell online and snag a piece of that billion dollar pie? Go for it! And let me know how it goes!

Start An Online Store: Best and most Trusted Web  Hosting Providers 2015-2016

GoDaddy New Growth Strategy

GoDaddy New Growth Strategy

GoDaddy raked in $1.3 billion in revenue last year. But, as told in a recent interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, most people have no idea what GoDaddy does. Sure, the company puts out some killer Super Bowl commercials, but most people simply remember the commercials without connecting the dots. This is something that new GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving, wants to change. GoDaddy New Growth Strategy

Growing GoDaddy

GoDaddy has an interesting growth strategy. This cheap hosting company wants to expand by getting rid of the disconnect. As Irving told press, his goal is to focus on small businesses and get into that market – something that might be tough to do given GoDaddy's checkered past.

This cheap hosting company has seen more than its share of bad publicity and problems. Add to that mix a company that most people just don't “get,” and you've got an expensive recipe for disaster.

How can a company like GoDaddy help the public understand what its all about? It's a big problem when the public has no idea what a business does and when brand recognition means zero. For Irving, the process is simple enough, and it begins by hiring the best in the business.

GoDaddy New Growth Strategy: It Starts With Hiring

So far, Irving has lined up a stellar team that consists of former Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, AT&T, and eBay employees – not a bad all-star team. He plans to use these employees to help build the GoDaddy brand. While the company's ads are racy and memorable, there's no point to a billion dollar ad campaign that doesn't clearly convey the purpose of a business.

Irving also plans to revamp GoDaddy's product. He told press that its currently “…not where it needs to be.” It's up to him to make that product excellent, a personal goal of his. But, is all of this enough? It has to be. Otherwise, GoDaddy stands to be shouldered out of the cheap hosting world. Right now, the company is easily recognizable, but few people know what GoDaddy does. This is a problem that has to be fixed.