The companies are interested in moving their project's data into the cloud and at the same time hosting companies started offering Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, using cloud technology.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a model of data storage where the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers and locations. The physical environment is usually owned and managed by a hosting company.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service instead of a product, whereby software, shared resources, and the information is provided to computers and other devices as a utility, such as – the electricity grid over a network. Clouds can be classified as a private, public or hybrid.

Cloud Server

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked to offer the facility of sharing centralized data storage, data processing tasks and online access to computer services or resources.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a virtual machine which is sold as a service by Internet hosting services. VPS runs its own copy of an operating system and provides superuser-level access to its customers to that operating system instance. That is why they can install almost any software which runs on that OS.

Cloud VPS Hosting

CloudVPS is the number one cloud provider in the Netherlands. Whether you need a single machine or a complex load-balanced cluster, it's flexible cloud assists you to create the Virtual Private Servers (VPSes) and Cloud Storage which you need quickly and securely.


Linux was basically developed as a free operating system for personal computers that is based on the Intel x86 architecture. However, it has been ported to more computer hardware platforms than any other operating system. It has the largest installed base of all general-purpose operating systems. In its original form, Linux is also the leading operating system on servers and other big iron systems such as – mainframe computers and virtually all fastest supercomputers. Linux also runs on implanted systems, whose operating system is usually built into the firmware. It is highly tailored to the system. It includes tablet, smartphone and computer which run on Android and other Linux derivatives.

CloudLinux Hosting

CloudLinux OS Hosting Solution protects your hosting operation from traffic spikes. CloudLinux provides virtualized environments, lightweight and maintains extensive control over resource usage. Moreover, this solution provides you control over the multiple hosting plans or sites. It allows you to classify spikes in usage. It ensures you that your server will stay up under intense, localized traffic, 24/7/365 on-site Heroic Support, backed by our fully managed and many more.

CloudLinux Hosting Features & Advantages

CloudLinux Hosting offers various features; some of them are – manage resource usage & availability, contain & secure server processes, limit the impact of localized traffic spikes, isolate malicious / poorly written scripts, instantly flexible and many more. You can experience full root access without shared software resources and compile & run any kernel as you wish.
You will discover high-performance cloud servers and surely leave traditional Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting after using it. Linux technology enables every user to run their own isolated copy of Linux by providing a greater choice of distributions, deeper configuration, higher performance, stronger isolation and better security guarantee.

  • The customers don't have to upgrade and worry about backups constantly. The cloud hosting provider look after software upgrades as well as provide physical protection to data.
  • Cost-effective: The cloud hosting monthly cost comes much below compared to everything done by a company internally.
  • Redundancy: If one host goes down, resources provided by another server. Hence, uptime is close to 100%.
  • Cyber-Security: The cloud hosting provider uses firewalls and other anti-cyberattack software.
Pre-Installed Linux Cloud Servers

There is lots of Pre-Installed Linux Cloud Servers facility available. However, if you wish to create a new custom system installation yourself, then you can do so. These cloud hosting Linux servers offer you a true cloud computing experience.