Hosting a site for a client for business purpose, which could be an online store or just simply a business mail. The Internet is the new worldwide marketplace, which attracts businesses to go online.
SME's Hosting: Small-medium-size enterprise hosting is catering the needs of small businesses to go online. Hosting companies provide shared, dedicated, cloud and VPS hosting plans to such undertakings.
It depends on nature and requirement, and a customer considers web hosting plans. SiteGeek estimates that on an average SME's website consume more than 5 GB of Bandwidth and at least 500 MB space.

Fantastic Web Hosting Service

For a Web Hosting Company, a website is just a collection interconnected documents. However, for a client, it, matters them a lot.
Before choosing a right web hosting company, compare qualities and quantities offered in a hosting plan, it impacts online website presence.
Check the information and communication available online about the hosting company. Find out how the company maintains a relationship with clients. Check out different issues or glitches client's faces and how hosting resolves them?

Choose an ideal Hosting Plan

i) Choose the hosting plan, as per your website requirement and keep future scale in mind.
Web Space: Plenty of space for text, images, photo gallery, PDF library, and videos required for the wonderful and interactive website. Videos consume a lot of space and bandwidth. Some web hosts do not allow video streaming from their servers, so before choosing a plan, check their AUP policy.
As your website grow, you need extra space, choose the plan which could scale in the near future.
Situation: Unlimited resource providers cap their services, so, if you wish to use extra, there could be some extra charges. We call them hidden charges.
Bandwidth: Judge the website capacity in advance, create a chart, of the target customers, and on that basis select the web hosting plan.
Choose the hosting company, which allows you to scale it if a need arises.
Situation: do not get sold on the idea of cheap hosting. On a cheap shared hosting plan, a lot of little websites exists, for the time being not using many resources, or the hosting company might have capped the resource usage.
Situation: Limitation on the size of the file, maximum uploaded. This restriction would be there on almost all of the hosting companies.
Shared Hosting plans never recommended for the website, where file upload is frequently required and sizes are bigger than the allowable limits. Clients may choose VPS or Dedicated Server plans in such situations.
Situation: Don't just board your site on such servers and hosting companies might be overselling in such situation. Owners of such websites might not care for their website much, but you might be.
ii) Budget your Hosting Website:
Pay small and get lot of headaches
Pay good and relax
Situation: a hosting company is offering almost unlimited as compared to price. Hosting is a recognized business, for running it smoothly, companies tend to charge the customers. Nothing can be free in this world. To balance the hosting cost, they might be cutting their resources, and if it is Customer service, then, surely, you are with the wrong hosting company.
iii) Type of Customer Support: Customers look for 24.7.365 support available by Email, Phone, Trouble Ticket and Live Help.
Support quality measured by consistency, time, communication standard and cooperation.
Situation: When you host, you partner with the technical team of hosting company and make them responsible for your online presence. If you find terrible response times and customer support or simply don't care, then, first and topmost priority is to switch your web hosting company.
Security: Most essential, as most of the businesses, are online these days. Even a seconds data is critical for business.
Reliability and Uptime: Hosting companies who can give more than 99.9% uptime treated reliable.
Once you have determined what your website’s needs are, you can shop around and find the best web hosting for your company.