Web Hands You Lemons:

Web Hands You LemonsSo, you've just started a web hosting business. The flashy web page is live, and you're sitting back waiting for the orders to come in.

And waiting.

And waiting.

What gives? Why haven't your profits taken off? Truth is, you probably aren't exploring all options to bring in more business. Some of them are free!

How can you grow your client list, which leads to increased profits? Have you tried the following ways to turn those lemons into lemonade?

-Add services that customers will find useful. This turns your company into a one-stop-shop, meaning that customers will think of you first rather than seeking out another company.

For example, can you offer a marketing service to customers? Maybe a social media expert to contact for help getting their next social media marketing campaign off the ground? Not only will these customers appreciate the fact you offer everything they're looking for, they'll refer you to others and bring in new business!

Web Hands You Lemons:
  • Partnerships : When the above idea isn't feasible (you're already suffering in terms of your budget, you can't afford to hire new employees to deal with these extra services for you), partner with another company! Find a graphic designer in the area to partner up with and take a share of the profits, for example.
  • Don't forget about affiliate marketing programs! This is a cheap way to increase your customer base. Basically, links to your business are placed on these affiliate sites. If a new customer signs up for hosting services via affiliate link, the referring site gets either a monetary amount or credits on their own hosting services.
  • Market to a broader audience : Niche hosting companies are a great idea, but if it isn't working for you profit-wise, rethink your target audience for marketing campaigns. Maybe you need to offer services for everyone rather than a specific industry.
  • Put your blog to work : Post more frequently about your industry, and if need be, hire a professional writer to do the job. Bring in a guest to write a post every so often, keeping content fresh and exciting.
  • Include customer testimonials on your website : Try to quote them if you can, including many testimonials across the pages of your website. The scrolling ticker format is a great way to include them all!
  • Pinterest and infographics : Everyone loves a great infographic, so whip one up and post it on Pinterest. People will repin, and your site will rise in SEO rankings. A win-win!
  • Youtube works! Make a video, maybe a tutorial or just a “here's what our company can offer you” informational video. This is a great way to get more eyes on your business, resulting in more money!

Do you have a creative way to boost profits for a web hosting company? Share it with us by commenting below!

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