Providing Killer Customer Service

question The Key To Providing Killer Customer ServiceYour dedicated hosting business relies on its customers. That is a given. You wouldn't be in business without them. However, you run the risk of losing customers if you're offering a shoddy customer service experience.

If you want to provide fast and reliable customer service, look no further than the cloud. If you haven't integrated cloud hosting for your customer service representatives yet, you should. Doing so gives you the power to provide support and answer customer questions efficiently and effortlessly while allowing you to change the customer service call center model as you know it entirely.

Providing Killer Customer Service: Reducing Operating Costs

First, let's think about the space it requires for your medium- to large-sized cheap hosting company to employ a call center staff. The more customers you have, the more support staff you'll need. But you only have so much room for them in your building!

Cloud hosting of your data means giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. You can choose to rent cheap office space to house additional employees, or even allow them to work from home. You won't need to purchase expensive equipment. All that's required is a computer and an Internet connection.

Providing Killer Customer Service: Consistent

Even if a customer gets through to one of your reps at her home 50 miles away from the office, the customer's history can be pulled up at a moment's notice. Updates can be seen by any other call center employees, no matter where they are. The data remains consistent across your entire call center operation, even if there is no physical call center to speak of. There's nothing more frustrating for a customer than explaining their issue over and over again!

Providing Killer Customer Service: Happier Employees

When employees are able to work from home or wherever is most comfortable to them, they will provide a higher level of quality service. A happy customer starts with a happy representative!

Providing Killer Customer Service: What You Shouldn't Do

Whatever you do, don't take the personal aspect of talking to a human away from your customers. Yes, you can have a great FAQ section to direct customers to, and a support forum where automated responses full of tech jargon are given to customers asking questions, as well as an online contact form. However, don't cut your customer support staff altogether. People still want to speak to a real human being every now and again.

In fact, with tech-related services, it's almost a requirement. People need to be walked through a certain CMS, for example, and emailing back and forth just isn't going to cut it. If a customer doesn't understand the tech-terminology-laden auto-response you give them, what's their recourse?

If you're looking to improve your cheap hosting company's customer service model, cloud hosting is a perfect solution to save you from having to buy additional equipment while at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing response time one service ticket at a time.

What's your hosting company's customer service experience like? Is it time to rethink your strategy?

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