Ten Bizarre Domain Names

We've talked about the importance of a good domain name here before. Making it exactly like your business or website name is ideal, as it's oftentimes what potential visitors will type in the address bar when trying to find your specific site.   blog Ten Bizarre Domain Names

When naming your virtual private server or shared hosting site, however, you should be mindful of what it looks like when it sits there as one big word. Sometimes, it can come across as something entirely different, even hilarious, though your intentions were completely innocent.

Here are some examples of bizarre domain names for your reading pleasure. Not only will you learn what NOT to do when choosing a domain name, you'll get a good laugh at the same time.

Ten Bizarre Domain Names:

1. amigonefuneralhome .com – This is the site for the Amigone Funeral Home, Inc. And yes, I think you are gone, you are at a funeral home after all.

2. teachersbs .co.uk – The website for Teachers Building Society exists to provide assistance for teachers in the UK who are trying to acquire mortgages. However, the name comes across as being less-than-helpful for educators, doesn't it?

3. actionpaintballsac .com – The site for Action Paintball Games based in Sacramento, CA sounds quite painful.

4. bendover .com – Benjamin Dover offers advice for many things in life, such as “Six Steps to Successful Complaining,” what you should know if you need to hire a criminal attorney, how to deal with the IRS, and steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft. The only advice he wasn't given: why he should be using his full name in front of “dover” in his domain name instead of his nickname.

5. childsexpress .com – What? Oh, it's just the moving company Childs Express Inc.

6. ferrethandjobs .com – These lawyers, representing Ferreth and Jobs, PA, have already changed the domain name to ferrethjobs .com, but the top clearly reads, “Thank you for visiting ferrethandjobs .com.” Below this is a letter addressed to clients and associates, and the second paragraph reads: “In other news, it has come to our attention that the domain name “FerrethAndJobs .com” may be misread by some. We are currently investigating other options, but until then, we plan to continue our current branding in the hopes that clearer heads prevail.” Sorry, guys: with a motto like “Is your business in the right hands?” I have a hard time believing this isn't just a trick to get some exposure online (you're welcome, Ferreth & Jobs.)

7. soill .org – Unfortunately, this sickly domain name belongs to Special Olympics of Illinois. I'm sure they could have thought of something better than that!

8. itscrap .com – This is the domain name for Regency Technologies, “Where IT is going.” They actually have a service called “IT Scrap,” an IT asset recycling service. C'mon, Regency. Did you not notice the problem?

9. whorepresents .com – This site may sound offensive, but is actually quite harmless. It is only a database of movie, sports, and music talent representatives for the curious.

10. speedofart .com – This site appears to be the site of a photographer to showcase his work called Speed of Art. However, it's hard to tell as a lot of links bring up the dreaded server error 404 page. Some links do work, and interestingly, the creator of the site seems to know full well his site has a humorous name: there is a barely noticeable link above the page name that says “World's Worst Named Domains, visit them all.” Upon clicking the link, however, you get another 404 error.

As you can see, it's very important to look over the domain name you have chosen as it might just look like something entirely different. If you are lucky, you have a virtual private server or shared hosting provider who picks up on any names that might come across as bizarre or humorous!

Have you come across any bizarre domain names? Tell us about them!

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