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Moodle HostingCurrent Version: Moodle 3.2


  • Learning platform to create personalized learning environments.
  • It provides educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system.
  • Supports offline quizzes in the Mobile app
  • Support Smart App Banners for iOS and move mobile settings to top-level admin
  • Pluggable media players in Moodle; Video.JS player and new chart API and library
  • Provider improved User Interface, walkthroughs or instructional overlays for first time user on the page.

Moodle Open Source Course Management System (CMS), is software for learning the purpose and mainly designed to endow with educators, administrators and beginners with a solitary vigorous, protected and incorporated adroitness to generate personalized erudition atmosphere.

The software is available for downloads on the web server, or help can be taken from the well-informed Moodle associates to lend a hand to him. Moodle introduced by the Moodle assignment is guided and harmonized via Moodle HQ.

Advantages – Moodle Hosting

  • This software is open source software that means available at free of cost without any need for authorization. This feature made it an affordable education system choice without spending a penny. This benefit has taken means educators from various education sectors and students as well. It designed in an optimal way to help both of them in a trouble-free manner.
  • This learning tool is forever accessible with updated information and most advanced one. So educators can learn what they haven’t done in their past, and students can keep them informed of the latest technology changes.
  • The Internet is a place full of opportunities as well as can be insecure in lots of ways. With this software that trouble stays far as it is completely protected the tool and designed in a way that cannot get hacked with ease. With knowledge availability, it is a software a must-have regardless of an individual’s working.
  • Before using this software a person may think that it can be accessed only on a few systems and that must be quite a costly one. It was a misinterpretation and used on any and every machine that can afford by an individual. He just needs to pay for his internet access to download it.
  • It is a learning tool that is full of knowledge, and a person can search for his required topic. It consists of almost everything that can be available worldwide. It doesn’t mean that it will be available according to the availability of their language. The information on this software is obtainable in every type of language that can understand by an individual. This feature makes it a preference over other software available that is similar to it.
  • It is a tool that is quite effortless to use and an individual who is not familiar with the technology in a proper way can also use it easily. There are various people involved and specifically in the education sector. There is the old generation who is not at all aware of the technology even those people can use this software without much trouble.
  • It can be compressed to a small size if the needed file an individual desire is quite big. So he can download the file with ease. This flexibility also made it more popular in between today’s world.
  • Availability of backend made it is the favorite software as that cannot access if an individual doesn't have a login account. They are a team of proficient developers who can be of great help. Bring to a close
    CMS tool is proved to be critical software, especially in today’s world. As everyone values and wish to gain more and more knowledge.

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