Linux vs Windows Web HostingDifference reveals Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

Cost-effective: Linux is open-source hence no licensing fees required. Consequently, much affordable.

Security and Stability: Linux considered safe and well-organized. It perfectly matches the expectation of web-designers and developers. The uptime offered by Linux is longer than Windows and also, provides good performance during peak load times.

Non-Windows Specific Applications: Most noteworthy, if websites do not require MSSQL, ‘.NET', ASP, Visual Basic, MS Access and Remote Desktop. Probably, developers using PHP, MySQL or Python or Perl prefer Linux only.
Yet, Windows Hosting platform compatible with PHP and MySQL. The development platform dictates the type of hosting needs. Consequently, you can transfer website hosted on the Linux-based platform on windows hosting.
Applications based on MS-SQL or Microsoft technologies runs only on Windows platform.

Case-Sensitive: Linux is case-sensitive while it is not with Windows. For Linux Index.html and index.html are separate files, while with Windows both are same.

Speed: Although greatly depends on the application. Yet, Linux considered faster than Windows

Most people tend to think that it is important yet it is not!  Below are some of the best features that Windows-based hosting and Linux based hosting comes with.

Windows Hosting – Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

  1. Windows based hosting supports programming languages ASP and ASP.NET run only on Windows based hosting and on top of that it can also support PHP and Perl.
  2. Another benefit of using Windows hosting is that all the other products from Microsoft come integrated.
  3. The familiarity of Windows makes it popular, as more people have encountered Microsoft products.
  4. Windows hosting is very specific as it allows Microsoft's product's to be easily integrated.

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Linux Hosting – Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

  1. Linux based hosting supports programming languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby (RoR) and PHP.
  2. This kind of hosting uses My SQL databases.
  3. Linux hosting is very user-friendly.
  4. It is possible to download Linux OS and on top of that, it is convenient and very easy to use.
  5. The security of Linux based hosting better than that of windows hosting and less prone to attacks.
  6. Databases are a very useful tool when it comes to optimizing communication. The fact that Linux can handle a huge number of databases, from MySQL, PostgreSQL and My SQL among others. Consequently, makes Linux a better-placed hosting platform.

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