Company Introduction

iWeb HostingiWeb was founded in 1996 as a predominantly internet related services company, though the company’s doors were not officially opened until 1998. iWeb Hosting is based in Montreal, Canada, and it’s one company that has solidified its position within the hosting industry over the past few years. Some of the hosting services offered include: dedicated server hosting services, web hosting, collocation services, cloud server hosting, and many additional options. For more information about iWeb’s total hosting selections, check out the company’s website.


As a company that’s been around for more than 16-years, iWeb has more than a little bit of experience where customer service is concerned. This hosting company is known for being reliable, and ranks highly with most users. iWeb offers around the clock support, fast response times, and reputable web hosting services.


Some of iWeb’s most popular features include:

  • e-commerce hosting services
  • heightened web security (data backup included)
  • 100% guaranteed uptime (though, really, you can expect around 99%)
  • regular monitoring and support
  • constant updates
  • security management
  • migration services


iWeb basic web hosting services start at $79 (clearance prices at the time of this writing), and go up to $169 per month for a more advanced plan. Take a look at the company’s website for additional pricing information, since rates are updated regularly (and change according to sales, etc).


  • Hosting with iWeb means:
  • SolidFire SSD Storage
  • Intel CPUs
  • Automated data centers
  • The use of OpenStack

User-Friendliness and Terms

Uniquely, iWeb offers users a money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory services, so this might be an incentive to sign up with this host. iWeb also prides itself on being user-friendly, and, so far, this seems to be the case. Plus, that 24-hour customer support line helps, just in case you have any issues. Customer care can be reached via chat, email, and phone, which is a bonus, since many companies only offer one type of contact option.

Overall Impressions and Rating

It’s hard to find much to hate about iWeb. This company scores top marks when it comes to user-friendliness, customer services, and uptime. The monthly fee might be out of some budgets (and doesn’t hit the cheap hosting category), but it’s not too steep of a fee for small to medium-sized businesses, and that’s iWeb’s main target market. Plus, iWeb does offer SysAdmin and IT support if needed, and that’s always a good thing.

One more note: iWeb is a Green Hosting company, which means that this company cares about the environment and uses 100% renewable energy – not a bad thing!

For all that the company offers, iWeb gets a rating of 9 out of 10.

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