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In this digital world, customers enjoy unprecedented choices and expect great personalized experience and rewards at each step. It's a tremendous challenge and transformational opportunity to convert your site visitors to your customers. Here are tips to create the advantage and encourage you to compare with your experience and welcome your reactions and perspective via the channel below:

Look: Make Website more appealing and fulfilling to the customer, to attract traffic.

Use CSS: Single combination of multiple stylesheets

Compress web pages: If a size of a web page is greater than 100kb, compress them through the zip. It would reduce load time and bandwidth, thus reducing HTTP response.

Content Layout: Central message should be clear, precise, quick and convincing. Use H2, H3 and H4 to format the message. Place it on a page, where it is most prominent.

Relevancy: Give value to visitors through content, images and videos. Educate beyond service or product information. Provide relevant, up-to-date, correct information, and this enhances credibility.

Use Proper Navigation: To and Fro navigation must be easily accessible. Proper links with titles to link other landing pages.

Mobile Friendly: Design your website responsive easy to open on smartphones.

Optimize Images: Use CDN

Enable Browser Caching: Elements of web pages get stored as cache on Hard drive significantly reduce browser load time.

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