Move Your WordPress Blog and Transfer Ownership

Looking to change the URL of your blog to a different URL? Simply use the Changing A Blog Address tool, as long as the URL is still available to you. wordpress blog

Move Your WordPress Blog: If you are the blog owner, here's how to do it:

1. Log into your old blog. Click on ‘Tools' and then ‘Export' and download the XML file to your machine.

2. Head to your new blog and click ‘Tools', ‘Import', and then ‘WordPress' where you will upload the file you just downloaded. After it successfully uploads, go ahead and check the ‘Download & import file attachments' box to move any media files you have.

Move Your WordPress Blog: What if you are switching your account to a account? Easy!

1. Register the account.

2. Head to the old blog and download the XML file as described above (Tools->Export).

3. Go to the new blog and upload the file you just downloaded, using the same process described above (Tools->Import->WordPress, selecting the ‘Download & import file attachments' if you have media files to transfer).

Move Your WordPress Blog: If you are switching from to, the process is somewhat similar. However, it is a bit different, here's what you need to do:

1. In the old blog, click ‘Tools', then ‘Export' to download the XML file to your computer.

2. Go to the new blog, and install the Jetpack by plugin (click ‘Plugins' then ‘Add New' and search for “Jetpack”. Instructions will appear to guide you through the process of installing, activating, and connecting Jetpack.

3. Still in the new blog, click ‘Tools', ‘Import', and ‘WordPress' to upload the file you just downloaded. Check the ‘Download & import file attachments' check box to transfer your media files.

Move Your WordPress Blog: What if you need to transfer your blog to another user? Let's say you're moving on to bigger and better things, and have sold your WordPress site or passed it on to another admin.

1. Click on ‘My Blogs' in the dashboard.

2. Hover over the blog address you want to transfer. A ‘Transfer Blog' option appears beneath the address. Click it, and a warning screen will appear. Basically, it is telling you that the blog will no longer be yours if you click it and that the action can no longer be undone if you go ahead with the process. Click the ‘I understand, now let me continue' checkbox.

3. Enter the username or email address of the user who will take over this blog. A confirmation email is sent to you at this point, and the transfer does not become final until you click the link contained in the email.

Move Your WordPress Blog: If you are looking to leave WordPress altogether, simply rely on their Site Redirect upgrade to point your old site to the new domain name.

1. Purchase the Site Redirect upgrade by clicking ‘Store' on the dashboard.

2. Enter the new domain the site will point to by typing the URL into the text field and click ‘Redirect to this URL'. It should be noted that you cannot redirect to an https:// site, only http://.

3. Confirm your purchase and checkout. Upon completion of payment, you will go to the domain management page within ‘Store->Domains'. This page shows you the redirect, and when it will expire. You can easily add and update your redirects within this menu, too.

Turn redirects off, reactivate redirects, and delete redirects from this menu.

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