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Your cheap hosting website took countless hours of hard work and sleepless nights to build. Now it's complete, but don't think the hard work is over! Your webmaster duties continue until the day the site shuts down (which hopefully, it won't!).  station master Better Webmaster

But how can you assure you are performing your webmaster duties in the best way you can? Here are some handy tips that can help you manage your site to perfection, resulting in a more successful website.

1. Update!

Why would a person visit a website that always has the same content? They wouldn't. You need to be sure you are updating your site on a regular basis. Whether it's articles on the latest news in your industry published directly on your homepage or to a blog or fun facts relating to your industry, people will keep coming back if the content stays fresh.

Your customers want to see that your business is active and robust. If you don't ever update content, whether daily or weekly, they might choose not to interact with your business.

Do you know another big advantage to updating your content regularly? SEO! With updated content, your site could rank higher in search results, which brings in more traffic, ultimately leading to more sales. Isn't that the goal of your site anyhow?

2. Testing, testing, 1,2,3…

When you perform those updates, even if it's adding a new frame or changing the font style of headers, you run the risk of screwing up the code to the point a portion, or all, of your site goes down. To guard against this, conduct usability tests periodically to catch errors that hinder the functionality of your site.

What tests should you conduct? It can be as easy as testing your website in multiple kinds of browsers using Browser Shots, or clicking each and every link to assure you end up where you are supposed to.

3. Fix those broken links!

In conducting your usability tests, you've discovered a few links that do not work properly. Maybe one of the external links leads to a site that has been shut down, or one of your internal links directs you to a product that doesn't exist anymore.

If you don't feel like clicking through each and every link, there are plugins to scan your pages for you (such as the Broken Link Checker for WordPress). Get to work fixing them by correcting the links, redirecting to a new location, or removing them altogether.

4. Put the power of social media to work for you Better Webmaster.

So your website is working just fine. Great! Now how do you drive more traffic to your site beyond just watching SEO practices? Social media! If you ignore this tool, you are missing out on a huge chunk of the market. Today's consumers don't always say “I wonder if that company has a website” and Google it — instead, they say “I wonder if that company has a Facebook page or Twitter account.” If you don't, you could be missing out on potential business! Let's not forget that social media accounts and activity bring up your SEO value as well.

It isn't difficult to set up an account with any of the top social media sites, just make sure you actually post new content. You can auto-post blog content to your accounts easily by linking them up, and ask industry-specific questions (even just one every couple of days is enough) to get your customers talking.

When you get in the swing of posting regularly, start offering deals exclusively for your followers, or giveaways that ask people to share your page with others. You'll gain even more followers and expose your website to that many more people, increasing traffic naturally!

5. Gather feedback from users.

And don't just gather feedback — respond to it! Provide a contact form or send out customer surveys via email. Get opinions on the site design, what customers would like to see for content on the site, or even what they want to see offered in your online store.

After gathering these opinions, act on them! Change up the design to please the customers, provide the content they want to see, and you will be on your way to a happy customer base!

Your work as a webmaster is never done. Your job doesn't end after designing your site through your cheap web hosting provider!

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