Drupal is Open Source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications.

Current Version: 8.2.3

Users: Businesses, Educational Institutions, Government and non-government agencies

Released on: 2000


  • Assistance: Plenty of avenues to assist, where you can search or ask questions.
  • Simple to Use
    • A User-friendly interface for admins and editors to perform foundational tasks such as data modeling, front end, landing page, installation, the architecture of information, and much more.
    • Views are integrated with the core, allowing users to quickly create pages, admin section, blocks, and effortlessly modifying existing pages.
    • Authoring, Configuration management, and up-gradation are easy. Drupal Module Upgrader: Automatically allows conversion from Drupal 7 code to Drupal 8, ensuring the best-practice migration process.
  • Responsive: Fully adapted to mobile devices with different screen sizes.
  • Functionality and Features: 59 core modules such as Jquery Update, Entity API, Automatic Packaging, and CKEdition. Fast, secure and flexible PHP based theming engine – Twig.
  • Mechanism to alter database SELECT queries before executed using contributed and custom modules. In order to add additional conditions, access to certain entities is restricted by implementing hook_query_alter() or hook_query_TAG_alter().

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