Does Price Matter When Selecting Host

You know it's important to choose a good web hosting company. You want your website to perform at its best in order to build a loyal customer base. You know that potential customers are coming to your website to gather information, and if your website is slow or unresponsive, you'll lose customers before they even see what you have to offer.  dollar sign Price Matter

Does that mean you have to choose an expensive web host? Not necessarily. You do want to keep costs to a minimum, but sometimes, splurging a little more on top of what the cheap hosting provider offers is a wise idea. Here's what you need to know in order to choose the perfect web hosting solution for you.

Does Price Matter When Selecting Host: Considering Shared Hosting?

This is typically what the cheap hosting with domain provider will offer. But is shared hosting right for your website? That depends. Is your site simple and small, or is it big and complex? What type of information are you storing? Is it a simple customer email list, or sensitive credit card information? Do you know in advance that your site will receive a swarm of traffic, or are you starting out small?

If you are running a complex site that keeps credit card information, you need a hosting plan that will not limit you in terms of space and bandwidth, as well as offering a level of security to protect your customer data. You'll want to look into dedicated or cloud hosting, which is more expensive than shared hosting.

Does Price Matter When Selecting Host: Do Your Homework

So you know you need to look into dedicated hosting. Just as you would when choosing a cheap hosting with domain option, you'll want to assure that the dedicated hosting provider you choose offers what you need and nothing more. You don't want to pay for services or space you don't need, nor do you want to pay a lot for too little!

Monthly charges can range from two dollars to seventy, and believe it or not, the cheaper options are sometimes the most reliable. Yes, the expensive host might offer more bandwidth, but will you run into excessive downtime? Sometimes, this is the case. Contact other companies that use that web host and ask how they've liked their experience. What better way to find out about their services than asking those who use them directly?

Does Price Matter When Selecting Host: Say No To Free Hosting

I probably don't need to mention this, but I will just in case: try to avoid free hosting providers at all costs. Why? This option typically comes with a barrage of advertising all over your site, and if there's something customers don't like, it's unwanted advertising. Not only is it annoying, it doesn't look good.

Does Price Matter When Selecting Host: Guarantee?

Is there some sort of satisfaction guarantee? A wide assortment of providers will offer a money back guarantee, so look into it when you are researching your options. Try to find the host that offers a guarantee, just in case you do not enjoy your experience.

Does Price Matter When Selecting Host: Call Customer Support

Give the customer support hotline a call prior to signing on the dotted line. What better way to see what form of response you receive prior to actually needing them? Call or put in a ticket, asking about the services they offer or if they happen to offer a certain control panel. The way they answer you really tells you a lot about the relationship they have with their actual customers!

As you can see, cheap hosting isn't always the best hosting option. Look into the specific needs of your business, and research your options carefully to assure you get exactly what you need, even if it means you're paying a little bit more.

Does your business rely on more expensive hosting? Why did you make that choice? Do you regret the decision you made? We want to hear about your experiences!

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