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There's no question mobile websites are the next tech trend. The only problem: it exploded, seemingly overnight, leaving many business owners wondering how they can get in on creating their own website optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

It's more than just deciding whether to optimize your site for mobile or design a specialized app. There is a lot more to consider. Let's take a look at some tips to help you plan your business' mobile strategy, allowing you to create the best mobile website for your needs.

1. Look To The Future

Things in the tech world move at the speed of light. Just as one product is released, the next big thing follows right behind it. The most important thing you can do when planning your website is to build something you can easily adapt down the road for that next big device, instead of starting from scratch. Determine what your future needs might be, and weigh the pros and cons of an app versus optimizing a website to see which would be easier to manage.

2. Know Your Users

By understanding your users and the devices they are accessing your site with, you'll have a firm understanding of the direction you should be heading when coming up with a strategy regarding your mobile site or app. Conduct careful research into how your audience is logging on rather than assuming everyone logs on via smartphone.

3. Determine How Your Site Is Used

Conduct further research to determine exactly how users are interacting with your site. Are they on the go, or comfy in their chairs at home? Many designers falsely predict everyone is on the go. Most of the time, they are sitting at the doctor's office killing time, or sitting at home keeping themselves occupied while the kids watch a program that doesn't particularly excite them. If you find in your research that users are using their devices as they would a desktop, that will change the way you are designing the site!

4. Context And Tasks

These days, people rely on their mobile devices everywhere around the world, and often perform tasks typically performed on a desktop. Get to know the types of things your users are doing, and where they're doing them, in order to determine the best solution.

5. K.I.S.S.

Try to avoid building a separate mobile website at all costs. This adds to your daily workload when it comes to maintenance. Try to build something that works across multiple platforms to decrease the time and money you have to put into it.]

6. Match Desktop And Mobile Content As Closely As Possible

Did you know that the majority of users click the “View Desktop Site” link when viewing a mobile website? Oftentimes it is because the mobile website is limited in its offerings. Look at what your users are doing on the site, and try your best to offer the experience they are comfortable with They will appreciate it, and you won't waste your time building something they don't want to use anyway.

7. Mobile Website: Types of Apps

If you've determined an app is the way to go, look into the different kinds of apps. A native app, one that works across multiple platforms, is one choice, offering a great user experience, but with bespoke code bases that might make your job a little tougher. Hybrid apps based on HTML5 and JavaScript are another option, requiring less maintenance, but can be tricky to make function smoothly. Look at your needs and budget to determine which is best.

There are many considerations, but this is a great starting point. In the future, would you like to see more mobile website design tips? Let us know what you want to see, we'd love to help!

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  • Danial says:

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