Company Overview

Hosting Review BizLandBizland provides you the site which is very creative, innovative and as exactly you are looking for which assist you in enhancing your business and that too without spending a lot of money or time. Even after your site gets ready, you don’t need to spend much time in handling the same. A web page can be change in a very less time. Customers of the company are of different profiles like small business owners, individuals, libraries, families, authors, non profit organisations, theatres etc.

Reliability and Performance

To judge reliability and overall performance of company, you have the trial free option of using the services. 30 Days duration is assigned to hire, used and test or judge the services offered and then decide whether to continue the service or leave.

From the above, it can be said that a confident, reliable provider can only offer such trial free service with high performance. Company also provides a safe and secure and robust backend results in over 99 percent uptime.

Hosting Plans

Hosting plans of the company are present in the form of various memberships. They are of several types like Charter Membership, Value Membership, Pro Membership, Windows Pro Membership, Commerce Membership and Trial Membership. To used their hosting plans, you need to join their membership.

Charter, Value, Pro, Commerce memberships offers you with a long list of useful features such as Subdomains, Unlimited Mailboxes, WebMail, Email Forwarding, AutoResponders, Spam & Virus Protection. Tools for site management comprises of FTP Access, SiteEnhancer, Free Site Builder, SiteDiagnostic, Webalizer Web Statistics. In terms of E-Commerce, all of them offers ShopSite version and to promote your site, Google AdWords Bonus, Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search Credits worth 100 dollar is provided. 24 hrs customer support is another supporting feature. In context of Software/Scripting, it offers NEW! WordPress, phpBB, GBook, FrontPage 2002 Extensions, NEW! Joomla, osCommerce, Gallery2. Other features included are Enhanced Script Library, Perl/Python/PHP/SSI with 24/7 Customer Support. First Class Data Centers, Reseller Program, Affiliate Program and Banner ads for free are also provided.

Value, Pro, Commerce memberships offers you with free domain.

In Trial membership, company offers you tools required for your site building and enhancement, hosting with good customer service. One more benefit you may avail here is that as its name suggest, its a trial version. For first 30 days, you can avail the services for free and after the duration gets over, your acount is upgraded to Charter memebership on automated basis. But if you are not satisfied, you may cancel your service by reaching to the supporting team.

Features and Control Panel

  1. 24 Hrs Live Customer Service
  2. Control panel
  3. Webmail login
  4. Domain Registration
  5. E-Commerce Services
  6. SiteDelux & Simple website creation tools
  7. Website Management
  8. Email & Marketing Services
  9. Scripting & Add-ons


In order to ensure top-notch support, company offers you with Knowledgebase articles on several topics and User guide. Articles may help you to understand technical concepts & terminology andd User guide for the users who are not familiar with the work of sites and hosting. Customers can contact 24*7*365 via Support ticket, LiveChat and phone to the customer care team of the company. Some of the useful resources in addition are also provided.


  1. Provides you with good security
  2. Optimal performance and reliability
  3. Top-notch live customer support
  4. 30 Days risk free trial service
  5. Useful features and tools for web


  1. There is no refund or cancellation policy
  2. No guarantee of getting your money back

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

Instead of cancellation policy or refund policy offered by the provider, a trial membership is offered where you can avail the services for free for first 30 days and if you are not satisfied, you may leave them or upgrade your account to Charter membership or it will be done automatically.


Bizland offers you 30 days risk free trial service with ultimate customer support, more than 99 percent uptime, high security, web tools, no. of services, control panel and much more. It is meant for freshers, small business owners, designers, non profit organisations and other profile etc.

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