A Primer On Mobile Security Threats

A Primer On Mobile Security ThreatsWe are talking a lot about mobile website development. It's becoming more and more important as more users are turning to their smartphones for information rather than their desktop. It's instant gratification – they can get the information they need no .

Along with this new way to receive information comes new security threats. Did you know your mobile devices are just as vulnerable to threats as a desktop would be? It's important to keep certain things in mind when building your mobile website. Let's look at some of the threats, and steps you can take to keep these threats at bay, keeping your customers and their devices safe!

A Primer On Mobile Security Threats: Lost Or Stolen Device

With a growing mobile workforce, relying on smartphones, iPads, and Android tablets, this is a big problem. Often, there is no built-in way to remotely clear data or lock the devices down in the event it ends up missing. However, it is simple to add this functionality.

If your employees rely on iPads to conduct business, look into mobile security options that are highly trusted by enterprises and at the same time proven to work with both Apple brand devices and Windows servers. You never know when a device will end up stolen or lost, so mobile device management and mobile file management solutions are a must to protect your critical data. Look for the solution that gives your IT employee or department the power to set up user-specific access, such as printing, emailing, and opening permissions to name a few.

A Primer On Mobile Security Threats: File Transfer Secuirty

Mobile file management is a huge issue: with numerous tablets and iPads being utilized by employees, the problem is a lack of native file storage. Synching doesn't always cut it, as evidenced by numerous recent FTC filings that accuse these solutions of falsely claiming encrypted, safe file transfer and storage.

There are mobile file management solutions that guarantee secure and managed access to files using mobile devices, protecting your business from the risks associated with opening and modifying files on-the-go. Synching solutions exist that allow your mobile workforce to access encrypted, password-protected files, keeping your data safe and leaving employees free to conduct their business. The best solutions let you rely on existing data infrastructure instead of a third-party add-on, giving you the opportunity to exercise control and keep things as secure as possible.

A Primer On Mobile Security Threats: The Hotspot Issue

A recent study conducted by Juniper Networks highlights the reason this is so important: Wi-Fi attacks are increasing. Open, unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots allow hackers to sneak into email and social networks, and most people have no idea this can even happen. To demonstrate the risk, UK's The Guardian newspaper headed to an airport and created a fake hotspot. They were able to get their hands on numerous bits of information such as email passwords and credit card data with incredible ease. Don't let this happen to your mobile devices!

Your mobile workforce will be utilizing their devices in public. This is a fact. Mobile device management becomes crucial, encrypting passwords for password-protected apps. That isn't enough, however, which means you must find a solution that offers file security right there on the device. This is the only way to ensure your data and devices are safe.

A Primer On Mobile Security Threats: Viruses And Malware

Did you think your mobile devices were immune to malware and virus threats? Think again. News reports highlight one of many issues: Android applications that are actually malware. Ipads are certainly safer, but not completely. In August of 2011, Android or iPhone users were 2.5 times more likely to download malware by accident than in January of that year, according to TGDaily.com.

So, you can't stop your employees from downloading apps that might be logging information that will give access eventually to your files. However, you can work on keeping those files safe on your servers and across your network if you encrypt all files that are stored on that device. Solutions exist that work with your existing security infrastructure and allow you the control you need to wipe all data from a device that might be lost or stolen.

You should consider looking into solutions for beefing up the security of your devices used by your mobile workforce, and by customers that might be using your mobile web page. Not only will it protect important corporate data, it will ensure your customers' data is in safe hands and provide your customers with peace of mind.

Do you have a solid security plan in place for your mobile workforce, or regarding your mobile website? Share it with us!

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