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Web Developers Tools and SEO Tagging Tips

Web Developers Tools and SEO Tagging Tips

With the advancement in the technology and  the introduction of new devices, it’s now possible to access the Internet in ways never imagined (and those options keep expanding daily). Every website owner should be interested in making a site more visible to search engines. Understanding SEO is a large part of this process. It’s vital that content can be found on a wide range of devices from PCs to tablets.

Webmasters install various browser development tools to evaluate screen readers of various platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux. Using HTML5, better semantic markup and accessibility standards are now better than ever. The result is a website that’s more user-friendly and easier to manage in addition to being attractive to search engines. Since Google (and other search engines) still don’t understand images of videos, it’s important that these site items include the right SEO tag information. Site that are easily accesible become more shareable, and that means more site traffic.

Accessibility Web Developers Tools

To check accessibility issues and SEO, standard tools are available and compatible with all browsers. These tools help tremendously with the site building and development process. Here’s a breakdown of the best tools for each common browser.

Tools Available for Most Browsers

  1. Developer Tools – with this tool, objects visible in a browser can be turned on or off. For example:  if you want to view a site without CSS, just disable ‘All Styles.’ Similarly, you can view a page without images or other objects. This is done to audit a page.
  2. Firebug – once it is installed, a button appears in the right corner of the browser and when clicked it provides the CSS output.
  3. SenSEO – this plugin helps to reveal the hidden SEO info on a page. Firefox reveals the information like title, description and keywords of page, web address, type of text, encoding, size and Meta tags. To use, right-click anywhere on a page and select ‘View Page Info.’ This is the information that search engines are viewing. With SenSEO, what search engines see on a page can be revealed. Search engines and social networks like Facebook or Google+, captures the text from meta-data provided in the page, which can be controlled.

Importing SEO Coding Tricks

Web Developers Tools and SEO Tagging Tips: In The End…

When you’re on top of the latest plugins and SEO tags to use, it’s a win-win situation – both for you and for search engines. Questions?

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