Video Marketing LaunchpadMarketers pay close attention to different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter for promoting brand and products. They thoroughly monitor their competitors using reverse engineering and copy topics, themes, and information available. Furthermore, prepare a list of distribution channels on which competitors are active and try to gather the report of the response they are getting through reviews and suggestions.

Everybody wants to do better and a step ahead of its competitors. Hence, the ultimate goal is to make interesting videos with real up-to-date content, adding more value than that of competitors.

Don't overload the videos with a lot of information. Rather concentrate on an easy-to-understand format by putting diagrams, nice little outlines that flash from time to time, graphics and sound cues & quality. Your viewer never should never get bored or feel heavy.

Essentials – Video Marketing Launchpad


You must grab the viewers attention, connect with them and finally tell what next-to-do. The great call-to-action i.e., ‘a click a link to buy' or ‘write a review, feedback or comment' or ‘Order Now' should be obvious and prominently visible. No doubt people appreciate and acknowledge, if the video benefits or an ultimate outcome, they are looking for.


Sometimes amateur hand-made personal videos without slick and smooth corporate packaging go viral. Why? Because they are packed with grass-root solutions which niche target audience are looking for.

Video file name, title, sub-title, description & keywords

The value of these elements are attention-grabbers hence, should flow naturally, creating context and talks about the video.

Produce Videos – Video Marketing Launchpad

  • Software-driven solution: The quickest way which turns articles into videos or slideshows based on the keywords of the text. Although, videos prepared using the software are not so popular, as they lack a personal touch.
  • White-board videos or Videoscribe: involve black and white computer-generated hand drawings with some sort of manual look used for explainer videos, product reviews or short animated ads. The software pulls the pictures and creates the illusion that it is drawing, but actually, are preloaded. The voiceovers and music further enhance such videos. The software is shipped with library of cartoon images, which are easily customizable.
  • Personality-Focussed Videos: The best type of video for marketing purpose and to build trust. Featured by the presence of a direct human-to-human connection with the richness and intimacy of human voice. The video needs a solid script and good narration skills, thus are a bit expensive to make.