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Introduction to Control Panels

Top cPanel Providers: Introduction

A control panel is the administration portion of your web hosting account. It is an interface that you access to administer all the aspects of your account. You can typically control all portions of your site within the control panel without using any additional software including FTP software to upload files, though many people find it faster and easier to do so.

Some web hosts use customized, proprietary control panels but most use one of the more popular platforms. Plesk is one of the control panel options that is preferred along with Server CP and Virtuozzo. However, the leader is in the industry is cPanel. Although there are some variances between the programs, they all have similar functionality and features.

Top cPanel Providers: Benefits OF Using cPanel Hosting

A control panel is basically the interface that is used in the administration of the account thus is the administration section of a client's web hosting account. A user can control all the aspects of a website without the use of any additional software. Some of the other control panels in the industry are Plesk, Virtuozzo, H-sphere, DirectAdmin, and so forth. All the control panels in the industry perform similar functions and more so have similar features. Users are at liberty to choose the control panel that he prefers, though the most preferred control panel today in the hosting industry is the cPanel control panel. Most of the leading hosting providers in the industry offer web hosting using the cPanel control panel.

cPanel hosting comes with excellent features which have continuously rendered it to be among the leading control panels used in the hosting industry. For instance, it comes with some pre-installed CGI scripts such as Java chat, phpMyChat, Random HTML generator, Advanced Guestbook, Entropy Banner, Java Countdown Generator Bulletin board, HTML chat, Counter Generator, CGI Wrapper, Counter Generator, Entropy Search, Java Clock Generator, Secure FormMail clone, Secure FormMail clone. On top of that, the cPanel control panel has mail features that allow it to manage E-mail accounts, by adding, changing, or even removing passwords and so forth. Other mail features include autoresponders, spam filtering, forwarders, and webmail. With such features, you have complete control of your e-mails. Other benefits are its user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use and better yet very flexible. Though cPanel hosting does not come free of charge and does not allow for open source, it comes with some other excellent features such as allowing for support of both Linux-based and Windows-based hosting, has plug-in support along with many other features. It also comes with AntiSpam and Antivirus support. With the cPanel, a user can also easily manage MySQL Databases sine he can change, add or even remove the password at will. phpMyAdmin Access is also available.

It furthermore comes ready with site tools that allow a user to carry out a variety of functions such as allowing a user to change the FrontPage and the Site password, installation and uninstall of FrontPage Extensions along with Custom error pages and so much more. With the cPanel control panel, a user can also edit Apache handlers, edit Mime Types, redirect and use the search engine submission tool. This control panel also has features that allow a user to manage FTP accounts, carry out anonymous FTP controls, and use the file manager. Furthermore, a user can remove or add sub-domains as he wishes, get stats for subdomains, and get sub-domain redirects.

The Famous Control Panel Providers / Top cPanel Providers

Control PanelOpen SourceLinuxWindowsFront End
OpenPanelYesYesNoC++, AJAX
Control PanelFreePlugin SupportFTPAntivirusAnti-spam
Website PanelYesNoYesYesYes