Cheap SSL Providers

Cheap SSL Providers

Cheap SSL provider

SSL certification is a very crucial part of any hosting company that offers e-commerce hosting services to their clients. It is for this reason that clients will look for a web host that has put security measures in place such as ssl web hosting and cheap ssl certificates. This kind of security is important in making clients feel at ease when transacting online with their customers, it also helps promote professionalism, security and even transparency.

Cheap SSL Certificate Provider

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  • Single Website SSL @ $62.99/Yr
  • Multiple Website SSL @ $134.99/Yr
  • Wildcard SSL @ $269.99/Yr
  • EV SSL @ $99.00/Yr
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL @ $235.38/Yr
  • Rapid SSL @ $12.99/Yr
  • Rapid SSL Wildcard @ $124.00/yr
  • Thawte SSL 123 @ $45.00/yr
  • Thawte SSL Web Server with EV @ $156.50/Yr
  • Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate @ $349.00/Yr
  • Secure Site @ $274.00/Yr
  • Secure Site Pro with EV @ $1049.00/Yr
  • Secure Site Wildcard @ $1582.67/Yr
  • QuickSSL Premium @ $65.00/Yr
  • True BusinessID with EV @ $149.00/Yr
  • True BusinessID Wildcard @ $366.33/Yr


  • SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser and verifies the identity of the website owner (DV, Domain Verified).
  • Website URL starting with ‘HTTPS://” and a padlock symbol in a green address bar appears.
  • Given higher ranking by Google than non-SSL sites.

Go Daddy web hosting company is a cheap ssl provider that is considered to be the best in the industry today when it comes to offering cheap ssl certificates and cheap ssl hosting services. The company offers two types of SSL certifications, the Standard SSLcertification and the Deluxe SSL certificates. The features of the Standard SSL certification include: a warranty of up to Rs 558,659, a certificate that can be issued very fast, in just a matter of minutes and comes with a free Malware Scanner along with verification of a clients domain control and security of the site thus a validated domain. The Deluxe SSL certificate on the other hand comes with features like: high assurance which verifies a clients domain & company and supports Intel vPro technology which is used in the secure management of remote  PCs and comes with a warranty of Rs. 8, 379,888 along with a free Malware Scanner. Go Daddy offers cheap ssl hosting from prices as low as $ 69.99 per year.

BlueHost web hosting company is another cheap ssl provider in the hosting industry. Their ssl certificates are very affordable and go a long way in ensuring the security of tehir clients websites.

Hostgator hosting company is another ssl certificate provider as it gives clients a free SSL certificate on setting up an account at the company. This web host ensures that the security of tehir clients' transactions is up held while at the same time clients get cheap ssl certificates.

HostMonster web hosting company is another cheap ssl provider as they offer their clients ssl web hosting services with clients getting to use an SSL secured server, thus ensuring security in their clients' transactions at a very cheap price.

Clients at Arvixe web hosting company also get to use a shared SSL certificate when hosting at the company as the company is a cheap ssl  provider in the industry that offers ssl certification.

Another web host offering ssl web hosting is the Fat Cow web hsoting company that offers clients a free SSL certificate on setting up an account at the company with no extra cost being charged to the client thus cheap ssl certificates.

Best SSL Hosting Providers

Security Firm Review – TheSSLStore



Company Review | Discussion

Company Introduction

theSSLstore is part of the Rapid Web services, Llc which is an internet security firm that has its head quarters in St.Petersburg ,Florida and has several other offices in India, Turkey and Holland. The company's main aim was to offer SSL certification to their clients thus enhancing security in the hosting industry. They are one of the largest providers of SSL certificates in the world today and they only deal with the most trusted companies in the world when it comes to SSL certification.


The reliability and the support that theSSLstore  company offers are the most outstanding things about this  company.

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TheSSLstore offers clients very easy and fast management of their sites along with the best price guarantee in the industry. They do two main things, purchase SSL and also to resell SSL certificates thus they can make profit from the reselling of these SSl certificates. Furthermore, the clients of the company also enjoy huge discounts from four major SSL providers, that is, Rapid SSL, Verisign, Thawte and Geo trust. RapidSSL is the lowest cost entry level websites while Verisign is a very reputable SSL provider in the industry today and prides itself in offering high validation standards. Thawte is globally recognized and allows for international recognition along with multi-lingual support and GeoTrust is the fastest growing provider of SSL certificates that are value-priced and can now be use across multiple servers. The clients at the company can get all types of SSL certifications from here, ranging from code signing certificates to high assurance certificates and SGC certificates to standard SSL certificates and EV certificates and much more. The company ensures that clients get a 30 day full refund in case they are not satisfied with the services that the company renders to them, thanks to the 100% money back  guarantee after 30 days that the company offers them.


  • Price-match guarantee
  • 24/7 support via online chat and email
  • Extensive knowledgebase for each brand
  • Easy comparison charts by brand or cert type
  • Deep discounts on SSL Certificate from four major SSL providers :
  • Rapid SSL: the lowest-cost certificate entry-level websites
  • Verisign: the most recognizable and trusted SSL name today; high validation standards
  • Thawte: global recognition, international domain recognition and multilingual support
  • Geotrust: fast-growing SSL provider of value-priced SSL certs, now available for use across unlimited servers
  • Best partner program for repeat customers


TheSSLstore only works with the most trusted brands in the world in offering SSL certifications  such as GeoTrust, Rapid SSL, Thawte and Verisign among many others. Further more they offer a variety of certifications that their clients can choose from. On top of that the prices that the company offers their clients are the best in the industry as they are quite affordable as compared to others in the industry.

Customer service

The customers of SSL store a lucky lot as they can reach the customer care desk round the clock, 24/7 via live chat and e-mail. The support that clients receive from the company is great as they have a technical team waiting to respond to their issues and a customer care desk that can be reached throughout the day and night all year round.


SSL store only works with the most trusted brands in the world to offer SSL certifications to their clients. More so, the prices that the company offers are quite affordable on top of which they have a customer care desk that can be reached throughout in a variety of ways.

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