How to Choose a Marketing Person

Select Marketing Person Every business needs some kind of marketing. That means hiring a marketing expert (unless you want to take a crash course in marketing, which I really don’t recommend). Having the right marketing expert on your team can be a real godsend. But, you do need to be careful. As much as the… Read More

How to Create a Landing Page for a Cheap Hosting Website

Create a Landing Page Landing pages are a necessity if you want to successfully attract new clients. Even cheap hosting websites need a landing page. Not having one is like not hanging an ‘open’ sign-in front of a store – just not a good idea. So, how does a landing page for a cheap hosting… Read More

Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing?

Do Adult Hosting Sites Need Marketing? Just the other day, a client explained to me that he doesn’t believe in marketing. Really? There are so many reasons why that’s a mistake, but let’s start with the most basic reason. Adult Hosting Sites:¬†Putting It Simply Here’s my favorite scenario: You’ve just purchased an amazing WordPress website… Read More

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site

Devising An Email Campaign for Your Cheap Hosting Site I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love what HostGator does when it comes to marketing. This company has all of its ducks (er, alligators?) in a row, and this is especially true when it comes to email marketing. Not only can we… Read More

5 Excellent Internet Marketing Strategies (On A Budget)

Internet Marketing Strategies If you’re running a small business, you have a budget. Heck, if you’re running any kind of business, you have a budget. Available marketing dollars are often less than they should be, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t manage Internet marketing strategies on a tight budget. Here are five unique Internet… Read More