5 Things to Know About Cloud Hosting

5 Things to Know About Cloud Hosting Have you ever wondered why some words are called “buzz words?” It’s mostly because those words are used so much that they create a buzz. Buzz words happen when topics are extremely popular. Kind of like the term: cloud hosting. Every hosting company today claims to offer something… Read More

What Shouldn’t Be Sent to the Cloud?

What Shouldn’t Be Sent to the Cloud? Cloud hosting is something that we’ve talked about frequently on this blog. It’s also the newest thing in web hosting, and it’s something that a lot of you are probably considering. But, we know that you have questions about cloud hosting too. One of the questions that we… Read More

Make Your Cloud Company Rain: 5 Ways To Attract New Cloud Business

Attract New Cloud Business It can be hard to stand out as a cloud hosting company in a sea of big hosting names like Amazon. How can you compete against AWS and draw in new customers? It’s not an easy road to take, but it’s one that can become simpler to navigate if you take… Read More

Best Cloud-Based Developer Tools: Our List

Best Cloud-Based Developer Tools Looking for some of the best cloud-based developer tools? The selection is a bit overwhelming, right? You’re sure to have a few favorites that you already use, but there may be one or two in this list that you haven’t heard of yet. Take a look. Heroku A cloud-based platform-as-a-service (Paas)… Read More