Hosting companies do provide a lot of technical information about their plans. But, do we understand every of the terminology involved like webspace, bandwidth, uptime, and support. If you look into the details, we come across words like web space on SSD. Does it make a difference? Is there any benefit over HDD. Definitely!.

Most of the customers get attracted, with words like unlimited space, lucrative discounts. But, is that available on the better and latest technology.

SSD being the latest while HDD is quite old based on vinyl records mechanism. They store data magnetically in patterns on a disk, which rotates at 7,200 revolutions per minute to read and record data. As it is mechanical, the moving components generate heat, of course, which requires cooling. And due to this rotational latency, it leads to less read and writes speed. There is risk involved that moving components lead to scratches on the disk. And in the long run, it leads to hard disk failure also. So, the terms periodical backups are prevalent in dealing with unexpected circumstances.

While we talk about the SSD, it is the latest technology with no moving components. It stores data on flash memory chips thus have high read and write speed. This further leads to better performance as compared to HDD technology Robust: Very less possibility of failure. Less power consumption compared to HDD.

So, before choosing the hosting, whether shared, VPS, Dedicated, have a look at the technology we discussed.
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