Microsoft Index Server Usage

Microsoft Index Server indexes the contents and properties of documents on an Internet or intranet Web site served by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). You can set up Index Server so clients can use any browser to search a Web site by filling in the fields of a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) formatted query form.… Read More

Microsoft Index Server

Catalog A catalog is the highest level unit of organization in Microsoft Index Server. Each catalog is an entirely self-contained unit, containing an index and cached properties for one or more scopes (virtual server). Index Server queries cannot span multiple catalogs. Corpus The collection of all documents stored on an IIS site for indexing is… Read More

Index Server Manager

The Index Server Manager provides seven management tools for Index Server administration. CiDaemon process The CiDaemon process is a child process created by the Index Server engine. The Index Server engine gives a list of documents to the CiDaemon process, which is responsible for filtering the documents by identifying the correct filter DLL and word-breaker… Read More

Index Types And Normalizer

There are two types of indexes: word lists and persistent indexes. Words and properties extracted from a document first appear in a word list, then move to a persistent index. This organization is optimized for query responsiveness and performance also ensures optimal resource usage. Even though there are multiple indexes internally, these details completely hidden… Read More

Query forms Index Server

Query forms allow users to search your Web site for documents that meet the criteria they specify. Index Server provides several features that you can incorporate into a query form to enhance the query process, improve result reporting, and track usage. Query Scope A query range specifies the set of documents to be searched by… Read More

Installing Index Server on MS-NT Server

You install Index Server on Microsoft Windows NT Server through the Windows NT Option Pack Setup program. During installation, you specif}’ a catalog directory—a catalog is the highest-level unit of organization in Index Server—and optionally which language resource files to install. Setup creates a CATALOG.WCI directory in the specified catalog directory to store the index… Read More

Windows Hosting IIS Platform

Following elements of the Windows Option Pack are considered core components of the IIS platform: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) A tool to create consoles for performing administrative tasks on your network. MMC integrates all the tools, information, Web Pages and views of the network an administrator needs to perform specific tasks. Microsoft Internet Information Server… Read More

Hosting in Israel

Domain TLD .IL: 250,000+ domain names registered. Registration open for anyone for one year. .CO.IL for commercial entities. The TLD can contain 3-63 alphanumeric characters and a hyphen (except at the beginning and the end). .ORG.IL for Non-profit organizations Launched On: October 24, 1985 DNS Root Server: NIC-ISRAEL, also manages the Israeli Internet Exchange (IIX)… Read More

Stop Words

Most Search Engines scan and index all of the text on a webpage. However, some Search Engines ignore certain text known as Stop Words, which is explained below. Apart from this, almost all Search Engines ignore spam. Stop Words Stop words are common words that are ignored by search engines at the time of searching… Read More


A web page or webpage is a document or information resource that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser and displayed on a monitor or mobile device. This information is usually in HTML or XHTML format, and may provide navigation to other web pages via hypertext links.… Read More

Search Engine Ignore Stop Words

Most Search Engines scan and index all of the text on a webpage. However, some Search Engines ignore certain text known as Stop Words, which is explained below. Apart from this, almost all Search Engines ignore spam. Stop Words Stop words are common words that are ignored by search engines at the time of searching… Read More

$18 Billion Technology Business

There is good news for the technology firms, situated in India, as they are having the big opportunity of $ 18 billion, by which they can improve the efficiency of their operations, which lead to help their clients or customers in improving productivity, proper utilization of resources and assets and finally end with great level… Read More

Windows Hosting Web site property sheets

All Website property sheets can be accessed using the Internet Service Manager snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console. To set properties for the application, click the Configuration button. You can then choose from the following four application configuration property sheets: Application Mappings – Use this property sheet to set map file name extensions to the… Read More

Windows Hosting IIS architecture

Application Services Layer The top layer of IIS architecture is the Application Services layer. This layer provides some of the extensibility options for IIS. These options include Active Server Pages (ASP) and Index Server. Web Application Manager All information enters and exits the Application service layer through the Web Application Manager (WAM). WAM sits above… Read More

ACL for Server Security

Maintain a secure site without disclosing information to unauthorized users. Being aware of authentication and access control issues is necessary. Even on sites that contain only widely available public information, being aware of safety helps to prevent compromising the server. Restricted Catalog Access When Index Server first installed, the catalog is set up with an… Read More

Strong Value-added Persuasive home page

Share your valuable feedback, comments or suggestions on Persuasive home page Persuasive home page In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), writing a strong homepage that will rank high in the engines and will read well with your site visitors can sometimes present a challenge, even to some seasoned SEO professionals. Once you have clearly identified… Read More

Submission Services on Major Search Engines

Share your valuable feedback, comments or suggestions on Submission Services Submission Services The use of automatic Submits tools for the major search engines and directories may not be desirable. If you submit to some search engines incorrectly your pages could actually be deleted permanently from their index or directory. At the same time, you may find manual… Read More

WordPress Security

Upload the wordpress files and folders in directory with some other name hard to predict like cpweb or here or anything else. A trick can be done to hide this directory, to make it appear as it is installed in home directory. Go to Settings-> General and delete the sub-directory name from the field site… Read More

Choose Linux Hosting over Windows hosting

windows v/s linux hosting Linux hosting Open source: No cost associated with most versions. Services such as the Apache web server, the BIND name server, Send mail and Exim mail servers are an offer by the dedicated Linux server web hosting web server. Linux hosting has various features which make this good platform:- Unlimited bandwidth,… Read More

Microsoft Windows NT Server

All of the features and components of IIS are fully supported on Windows NT server. Microsoft Windows NT Workstation PWS running on Windows NT Workstation work well for personal publishing, workgroup site hosting and remote administration of an IIS server running on Windows NT Server. PWS running on Windows NT workstation provides all of the… Read More