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Filling time, Internet with Ananova is best. Ananova is an everlasting fog of information. In form of news, articles, reports, books, pictures, videos, audios & information exists on website, Editor “Manish K.” says, “connecting with internet cannot make everybody Solomon; True Information in the right hands leads wisdom and prosperity”.

Sometime pieces of information spark new ideas and might be it turns your life, wasting time in useless information’s loses intelligence.

Join Internet News – Ananova Technology Media.

Ananova Technology Media blend technology expertise and implant innovative information, articles, interviews, reviews, regular columns, also covers most aspects of computer science – current research, developments, hosting products & issues.

Our Mission – Our curiosity to bring you all the latest news from most of the topics from techno-world, to learn latest technologies, help in career and new awesome features to lead your business.

Our Vision – Accurate and Candor News from maze technology world.

Ananova has team of professional’s researchers and analysts, examining data in new ways, for managing simplicity and quality we have split news in few sections-

WebHosting News – The latest and most relevant all about web hosting news, hosting related information and services including ‘cloud hosting’, ‘adult hosting’, ‘dedicated hosting’, ‘shared hosting’ and ‘reseller hosting’.

Software’s News –Software development, development industry, software buying guides, software prices and many more news from the experts.

Hardware News – It addresses itself to readers who work professionally with Hardware.

Reports –From scholars and research analysts, provides information which enables readers to keep update with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Article – Delivers integrated information, solutions and expert guidance from professionals about technology industries.

Editorial –Produces content supporting decision tools, performance and help meet regulatory requirements, which help the Professionals. Cover stories from technology, in print and video format.

Interviews Conducted –Interviews from giants and experts of Industry provides launching new technology, present trade scenario, future scopes, products and companies information’s.

Tutorials – Ananova do provide the hosting tutorials.

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Q&A – Helps the customers to resolve their issues,

Our presence is on almost social media where hosting customers can interconnect with us and can discuss the various issues and latest development in the hosting technology.


More than one billion Internet pages exist. Thousands of additional pages are created daily. With all of those websites comes great power from every possible corner of the Internet. Sites promise to offer the best news all the time, but it's hard to pick the real news from news that has been fabricated.

News is more important and instant than it has ever been before. With sites like Twitter and Reddit, news happens at the pace of life, and people are more interested in news now than has ever been the case. That says something. It says that people want real news, the right news, and accurate news all the time. What kind of news do people want?

News Spans the Globe and More

The only thing that a person needs to get fast news now is the Internet. With applications like RSS feeds and sites like Reuters, news is where you want it when you want it. So, what are the subjects that people enjoy the most? It really does vary quite widely.

However, recent research suggests that most Internet readers don't search for political news. Instead, most people prefer crime news. Coming in a close second is business news. Things like fiscal policies, how the NASDAQ ended on a daily basis, and the price of a dollar are all at the top of the news list.

Entertainment Still Rules

Coming in a close second to business is entertainment. Glamour, fashion, style, and what's happening in Hollywood and Bollywood are all very important news topics to the average reader. The names of actors is, by far, one of the most Googl queries! What's next? Sports, of course!

From race tracks to Formula One to football and cricket, people want to know what's happening with beloved teams. Thankfully, all of that information is just a click or two away. After sports comes…technology! That's right, people want to know what's new in the tech world. Why?

Why Technology News is Important

Technology is such a huge part of our lives today! Just think about it: how many devices do you own? Or, how often are you plugged into your laptop, tablet, or smartphone? The world wants to know what's new in tech, so that everyone can get the latest device when it arrives. Interestingly, though, the news topic that's the most important after technology is health.

Why is that interesting? We spend so much time plugged into the world through technology that we can't wait to find ways to unplug and be healthy! That's kind of a funny thought, right? Internet viewers spend countless hours looking at healthy sites, recipes, programs, and all kdinds of other health-related details. One of the most popular health searches is: “how to unplug!” All of this while looking for information on health from a computer!

Is it Really That Different?

When we look at the news topics that are the most popular today, are we really all that different than we were decades ago? Maybe not. If you look back at the first newspapers (and even current newspapers), we see that all of the same topics are still relevant.

Newspapers have sports, business, lifestyle, and health sections. Most papers also have technology sections. So, you see, our medium has changed from print to digital, but we are still the same. What kinds of news topics do you look for the most when you search the web? Let us know below!

Web hosting news providers offer a more flexible and enriched environment!

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