Without a doubt, Linux better suits to dedicated servers, virtual private server or cloud servers than Windows. Why? See the ways.
Stability: Concerning stability, Linux can run for several years, without any failure. It is good for individuals; small as well as medium-sized business and can run various processes at a time, much better than Windows. There is no need to restart Linux, whereas Windows requires a reboot and due to which inevitable downtime occurs. Frequent defragmentation occurs with Windows servers.
Security: Linux servers are more secure than Windows servers because Linux based on UNIX, which was a multi-user operating system. Viruses and malware also attack less on Linux and fixed very frequently by its developers and users, then Windows. The Linux system administrator has a clear view of records and is under control, whereas windows hide files.
Hardware: The Windows require a regular hardware upgrade to meet its ever-increasing resource demands, whereas Linux is scalable and flexible and perform on any computer, without considering the processor. As per business needs, you can reconfigure Linux to improve performance, but it is not easy with Windows.
Total cost: Linux is open-source and free of licenses and other restrictions making it cheaper than Windows.
Support: Linux commercial providers Red Hat, Novell and Canonical offers 24 hrs support for business services and critical applications.
Business standardized on.NET web technology
Uptime: Linux allows you to have the high uptime than Windows. It means Linux may support your all service requirements.
For critical applications and services, windows are considered unstable.
Administrators: Administrators of UNIX cannot easily switch to Linux because Linux is not very much same as UNIX. File system layout look of Linux seems commercial version of UNIX. Linux also uses a standard set of UNIX commands. There are some Linux commands which do not transfer, and this also applies to any version of UNIX. But if we talk about administrators of Windows, then using the keyboard instead of a mouse is awkward, but once the power of command line discovered, then they may not click again.
Proper updating: While using Windows, you need to wait for a Windows service pack in every 18 months, and you may face the difficulty in upgrading your Windows systems in every few years because Windows does not provide you any clear upgrade path. Whereas Ubuntu Linux offers you new, improved versions in every six months and long-term support versions in every two years. It also offers regular updates of its packages and sources several times in every year and security fixes as per the requirement.
Thus, after going through the above points, we consider Linux beats windows in dedicated servers, VPS or cloud servers.
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