Joomla is an open source system used for management of content to publish web related content. It is developed using the framework view controller web application.

PHP language is used to write Joomla. Different formats for designing software and techniques of object-oriented programming (OOP) are used by Joomla. Features included in Joomla are RSS feeds, blogs, page caching, pages printable version, search, news flashes, support for international languages, etc. Data is stored by Joomla in PostgreSQL Database, MS SQL, MySQL. It offers support for multiple types of content, has a great taxonomy, comes with a community of Joomla and few best templates that most of the time people download. Maybe, some people found this a difficult one or quite challenging as most of us are not aware of MySQL and PHP, but its process of installation is simple and easy. Web hosts are well aware of this and thus whole installation and configuration of Joomla sites are handled by hosting providers and even some hosting companies offer upgrades for free of charge when required.

It is a very popular application these days as figures of February 2014, states that it has been downloaded more than 50 million times because of its uses and advantages. Estimation states that it is the second most popular content management system after WordPress used on the web. From the official Joomla, more than seven thousand commercial and free extensions are present with Extension Directory and some others sources are also available from which it can be acquired.

Joomla Hosting for Free

Now let's come to the topic, “Joomla hosting free”. As stated above, it is a very popular and most used app so due to its high usage, some of the web hosting service providers are offering services of Joomla hosting for free of charge to their clients. No. of such providers are few but who are the best ones. In other words, which hosting companies provide best Joomla hosting in view of best services, features offered at free of cost.

Which Company offers “Best free Joomla Hosting” Free is the hosting service provider offers best-hosting plans for Joomla. In terms of key features, it offers Disk space of 250 MB, Monthly Bandwidth of 5000 MB along with free domain with extension. Others are POP3/SMTP, Webmail, PHP 4/5, MySQL 5, CGI, etc., FTP Access, Easy Control Panel, File Manager, Free Website Builder, Free Blogs & No advertisements with Instant activation of account for free. The plan offered for free of cost also includes Joomla sites configuration on an automated basis, Joomla installation in a single click, no. of Joomla site templates for free and extensions of Joomla.

This web hosting plan permits clients to install & then configure Joomla extensions & templates.

Installation & Configuration of Joomla sites Free

Joomla sites free hosting is also obtained by purchasing a hosting package which is cost-effective or available for a low cost from those web hosting companies which provides “free Joomla hosting” plans. These free plans provide features like Joomla installation in a single click in a user-friendly way, Joomla sites automatic configuration, with great customer support.

The given Joomla hosting plans are cost-effective, their cost varies from $3 and $5 on a monthly basis. Most of the time, it offers free domain name, unlimited disk space, and unlimited data transfer, and a long list of advanced and useful web hosting features.

Other Best free Joomla Hosting Providers

Some more hosting providers which offer best Joomla hosting services free are recommended as their client's reviews are max positive, and they offer good features.

So, this is all about Joomla hosting free.