VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the web hosting account which you can choose to host your website online. VPS stands for Virtual Private server and it is a virtualized server. It allows the entire website to work independently though the websites are hosted in same machine. Earlier VPS hosting use to work as apartment analogy i.e. each virtual server on the machine works as apartment means you can install any of the software of your wish and restart your own apartment without affecting the others.Thus for hosting many website in a single environment VPS hostingis the best.

VPS hosting is very flexible hosting i.e. it scales up the performance as the websites grows.In this type of hosting we have to pay only for server performance but we can plan our needs which reduce the cost. The bandwidth and disk capacity unlimited and we have full control our virtual server and can reboot remotely from our homegrown web panel.VPS hosting is also easier to use.

Some drawbacks of VPS hosting is that we need to keep the system up to date and running. Even if the software comes out with new version we need to update that or else the server will be hacked and in VPS hosting there are very fewer resources than our own dedicated server. VPS hosting is mostly used for business purpose or by the users who are experienced and have heavy website trafficor can run complex application.

Cloud hosting is one of the clouds computing technology cloud hosting is any hosting or process oractivity that involves cloud i.e. the virtual server where user store and edit and perform various IT task. In thistechnology one can store any files and can access it anytime anywhere as long as internet connection is there. In cloud hosting now a days the website can operate multiple server. Cloud hosting allows the user to set up and manage their accounts and how they will manage their accounts.

In cloud hosting user need to pay how much they are using not more thanthat. Cloud hosting services provide resources like memory, processing, network bandwidth, virtual memory, storage, email service which can be used by different users. Cloud hosting now a days becoming a popular hosting among user worldwide before staring any business at first we should know the difference between VPS hosting and cloud hosting.VPS offer a web based hosting and cloud offers share resource and bills you on your actual usage. VPS providesyou with full configuration, customization and administration.Though the function of cloud hostingis quiet similar but provide on demand resources. Cloudserver iscombining to share all their resources which in turn provide high resource availability.

Cloud server is a very good option for those users who can afford a little more of the price in the webhosting market. VPS hosting gives you the privacy of all your data and information along with control of the disk space that the web hosting company offers you. Thus, it is totally dependent on the user as to which web hosting method is applicable for his business.

At first, the user should scrutinize the background of a web hosting company and then check the offers that it is offering. Then only, he can proceed with that particular web hosting company and finalize his business deals with it. Thus, he gets to experience a good web hosting service from the company.