Reseller web hosting is a web hosting service that re-bundles services available from real hosts or primary providers.But how it's work in actual?

Reseller web hosting could be an individual or small business that makes use of the bandwidth and web servers of a higher tier provider or primary host and resells the same to the customers by offering value-added services like web designing, domain registration, and web programming.

Most real hosting companies allow reseller web hosting in order to boost their sales. Recently, a significant number of web hosting businesses have infiltrated the internet with an eye on the ever-growing number of people who are jumping online.

In order to remain competitive, hosting companies look for ways to market their services to a greater number of people rather than offering their services individually. This leads to the business of reseller web hosting accounts.

In reseller web hosting, real hosts are able to generate bulk businesses and delegate individual clients to reseller servers. In turn, reseller web hosting businesses look after some individual clients needs.

The reseller is also able to put up a business and earn income without having to shell out capital outlays. Although in some instances they do compete with each other for a fair share of the web hosting market, the real hosts can still benefit from this set-up considering they do charge a certain amount from resellers.

The services offered by a reseller web hosting service do not really differ from a real host. As a matter of fact, reseller web hosting offers more features to the customers. Due to the added value services, reseller web hosting can offer web design and programming services to each customer that are often times not possible from actual hosts.

Real hosts tend to focus on bulk accounts and corporate clients. Reseller web hosting offers value-added services to customers in order to maintain a competitive edge against bigger web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting is also better able to establish a friendly relationship with their customers that go beyond the contract terms. This is the secret for those successful reseller web hosting services. They fill the need that bigger hosting servers cannot provide.

Right web host for Reseller Hosting business?

How to pick the right web host for Reseller Hosting business?

If you’re interested in Reseller web hosting, it’s crucial to pick the right hosting service to sell to your clients so always choose a Reliable and stable web host.

Make sure they have excellent customer support – Send an inquiry over email and test their response time.

Make sure they use good servers to host your business – the server should be able to handle your sites and your clients’.

check out their servers uptime.

Reseller hosting advantages

What are the advantages of reseller hosting?

Reseller accounts allow space and bandwidth to be purchased at low rates.

It supports many new hosts to become dedicated servers without wasting too many resources and money

With reseller hosting, you have no threats that any of your system hardware may damage.You can set your own password as a security for your key software. A hard drive might go bad on a server, an operating system might be corrupt, a cable might break.These are some of the problems which can go wrong.

Disadvantages of reseller hosting

What are the disadvantages of reseller hosting?

reseller hosting provides fewer resources than a dedicated server.

Reseller hosting accounts offer little in terms of customization.

While some hosts may be happy to upgrade and accommodate, other hosts will not be able to upgrade as quickly.

While some hosts may be happy to upgrade and accommodate, other hosts will not be able to upgrade as quickly.