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Chemical Engineering Design Software

Design Software for Chemical Engineers

Many types of software are available which are useful for chemical engineers. The software is made to optimize chemical reactors, mixers, filtration equipment and many other processes. It made easy with chemical reaction engineering module. It is embedded with tools for the user to simulate material transport and heat transfer by arbitrary chemical kinetics in all states like liquids, porous media, solid and gases on surfaces. This makes the system perfect for all chemical industries and in environmental engineering. The chemical reactor and process unit surrounds user. The platform for measuring chemical reactions, chemical formulas and equations which are entered easily on paper is developed at chemical process. COSMOL establishes the most appropriate reaction expressions by using mass action law that user can alter as per requirement. The reaction formulas are automatically used t define energy and mass balances or homogeneous as well as heterogeneous reactor.

Main factors of Design Software:

1. Plug Flow Reactors.
2. Batch and Semibatch Reactors.
3. Heat Transfer Module.
4. Dynamic optimization.
5. Thermodynamic analysis.
6. Real-time process simulation.
7. Sequential-Modular Process Simulator.

Design Software Services:

The chemical reaction module is important and useful for scientists and engineers within process, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, polymer and food industries. These features are incorporated to process at which user is working. It delivers tools to observe all applications facts from studies of chemical lab. The chemical kinetics can be easily simulated in balanced environments to describe accurately built-in features that are combined with Optimization Module. These all are made for experimental data and parameter estimation. The module of chemical engineering offers numerous pre-defined reactor types for more factors. The tools are available for thermodynamic properties that include external sources regarding chemical reaction engineering module. Some important software services are given below:

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