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Dubai is marching towards world’s first blockchain based government, placing all core bureaucratic functions, such as tax payments, licensing and more on the blockchain. The estimated savings of this transition is $1.5 billion per year.

Utah Government Adopt Blockchain Technology

(2019) In the legislative session, state Sen. Dan Hemmert, R-Orem, ​proposed a bill​ to create a task force to study how the state of Utah can adopt blockchain technology and avail its potential benefits. The Legislature wants to make the government more secure, accurate, and efficient. The Interim Business and Labor Committee met with technologists, experts, and thought leaders to learn about blockchain structure. The blockchain power gets distributed across millions of computers. For any change in the record, all the parties must agree on a replacement. Thus, making it immutable, tamper-proof technology, and unchangeable.

The Utah government want to adopt the blockchain technology in these four areas:

Land titling in land governance

In Liens, deeds, mortgages, and more, for a smooth transaction, improving record-keeping and transparency, increasing accuracy, and conservation of scarce resources.

Smart contracts

A smart contract auto-enforceable contract operating on an if-then function, so when certain conditions met, other actions are then executed. Its benefits include reduced transaction costs, saved staff-time, and a healthier environment as paper and travel time gets eliminated.


The country already implemented the technology through a small test case in the 2019 primary municipal elections. ​Their independent audit​, overseen by the National Cybersecurity Center, proved that 100% of the votes cast were accurate and cast by the correct persons.
If voter integrity and secure elections are a concern, it's the perfect solution


As a backbone of government obligation, legal confirmation of one's identity is ripe for the implementation of blockchain.
Registering citizens' identity on a blockchain can provide for accurate and immediate validation of any credential, including driver licenses, passports, birth certificates, and even educational and professional qualifications.
Thus, especially impacting those who don't have any form of identification​ and therefore prohibited from finding housing, banking services, and other needs critical to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Bitcoin is based on Blockchain technology.



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